Reekoh Webinars

A sample of recent Reekoh webinars and future events

Learn in 30: Bridging your IT and OT Digital Worlds

Recorded April 21st 2022 – Presented by AVEVA Select California

In this 30-minute webinar, we will review:

You will learn about:

  1. An introduction to Reekoh: who they are and what they do
  2. Outbound Connectivity
  3. How to stop spending countless hours searching for your information in data lakes
  4. Various use cases using AVEVA System Platform, OSI PI and more
  5. The integration between other components. (ERP, BI Tools, Scheduling/Planning, etc.)


Five Key Tools You Need When Integrating OT/IT

Recorded November 11th 2021

There are always multiple ways to solve any given technical or integration challenge, but not all of them are equal. Beyond the code, considerations should be made around the agility, scalability, and maintainability of a solution. But with such a wide range of solution approaches available to organisations, it can be difficult to know what the important things are to look for.

In this webinar, Reekoh’s Solution Engineering team will take you through the five key tools you need when integrating OT and IT data effectively for short and long-term success.

You will learn about:

  1. MQTT Brokers
  2. Hybrid Deployment
  3. Integration Plugins
  4. Data Transformation
  5. Contextualisation


Integrating Existing Systems to Transform Operations

Recorded 20th October 2021

As operations and enterprises adopt a more data-driven approach to digitally transforming their business, it’s important to understand that success comes from starting small and evolving solutions over time. This can be achieved by integrating existing systems and assets before adding anything “new” to your operation, keeping cost and complexity down at the start.

In this webinar, Reekoh will demonstrate a real-world example of leveraging data from existing industrial and IT systems to drive greater operational efficiency and business automation and reduce overall risk.

You will discover:

  • Solution architectures for connecting existing OT and IT systems to automate work order management
  • A method for replacing manual PLC programming with device metadata
  • How risk can be mitigated and labour saved from these workflows


Simplifying Operational Data Integration – Reekoh and TeamViewer

Recorded 27th October

TeamViewer has been the leader in edge connectivity, for both IT assets and OT environments for several years. For industrial IoT deployments, where secure connectivity, remote monitoring and management are required, TeamViewer has established itself as the software platform of choice.

Now, TeamViewer has joined forces with Reekoh, to help bridge the chasm between siloed IoT deployments and unify data from a fragmented operational landscape.

Join our webinar to learn how to:

  • Simplify the digitalisation of your operational edge environments
  • Integrate operational data from disparate sources into your existing software stack
  • Accelerate your IoT deployments and improve operational efficiencies


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