WEBINAR: Integration Patterns for Physical and App Data


August 15, 2019  |  By Staff Writer

Integration Patterns for Physical and App Data

With the convergence of industrial automation and information technology, the abundance of low-cost sensors and a complex enterprise application landscape, we find ourselves in a world of plentiful data created in a plethora of formats, transported over unreliable networks and requiring distribution throughout many corporate systems.



Come and join Reekoh’s Aaron Watkins (Technical Director) and Johann Laubscher (Solutions Architect) as they investigate Integration Patterns for Physical and Application Data.

We’ll consider both modern IoT and legacy IIoT and examine how they differ. We’ll consider integration patterns of use in an industrial format as well as newer models used in areas such as smart cities. We’ll demonstrate how Reekoh Accelerate™ can be utilised to aid getting the physical data to the application and open data layer and consider how Reekoh Outpost™ or similar gateway-style solutions may be of use to aid ingest.


When: Tuesday September 3rd, 10am AEST (Monday 2nd, 5pm PST)

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