WaterGroup: Reekoh platform will deliver $1 million in water savings


September 03, 2017  |  By Dale Rankine

Reekoh IoT Integration Platform to deliver further cost and water savings, faster installation and IoT interoperability for WaterGroup’s smart water metering customers


WaterGroup, one of the largest integrated corporate water savings companies in Australia, today announced that it will licence Reekoh’s IoT open integration platform – for use within its range of smart metering and water savings services – on a multi-year deal.

It is a move that WaterGroup says will help tackle one of the major issues facing non-residential water users in Australia – losing 200 billion litres of water each year.

The licensing partnership with Reekoh is aimed at building on WaterGroup’s previous water and cost savings successes. In the past 12 months, WaterGroup has helped its Australian customers realise water savings of almost 400 million litres and cost savings of over $1 million. This achievement contributed to WaterGroup’s recent winning of the IoT Impact Award at the 2017 ACOMM Awards.

WaterGroup MD, Guenter Hauber_Davidson and Reekoh CEO, Dale Rankine

“With Reekoh’s new platform bringing true interoperability and flexibility to a core part of WaterGroup’s solutions, which include IoT hardware, networks and customer applications, we are confident in predicting Reekoh will play key part in achieving the next $1 million in water savings for our existing and future clients,“ says Guenter Hauber-Davidson, Managing Director of WaterGroup.

WaterGroup and Reekoh are already off to a good start, where they are working together on projects for Waverley Council and Coffs Harbour Council. These two projects are geared towards improving the way the councils collect data on water usage; the use of data to reduce the likelihood of water leaks and other such damage to their water networks; and to deliver increased water efficiency and savings.

“With Reekoh’s interoperability capabilities, it’s easier for our clients to integrate data with their own existing sustainability reporting, workflow and facility management systems – and to realise savings in both water and money,” Guenter adds.

Commenting on the multi-year licence deal, Reekoh CEO and co-founder Dale Rankine says:

“We’re very happy to be working with WaterGroup, who we see as leaders in not only the smart water conservation space, but more broadly in the IoT ecosystem in Australia.

“This despite the fact that the market is still maturing in terms of the hardware, networks and software solutions being adopted by customers. That‘s where the Reekoh integration platform comes in to play – it has proved itself capable of dealing with the challenge of fragmentation as well as  delivering the flexibility of true interoperability to customers.

He added, “With the Reekoh platform being used in WaterGroup’s smart water metering systems, WaterGroup customers don’t need to be locked into a particular technology if they want to realise the benefits of IoT-based solutions and services. This in turn helps ensure that WaterGroup delivers outcomes to its customers such as faster installation and tangible savings in dollars and water.”



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WaterGroup is one of the largest integrated corporate water savings companies in Australia, a widely recognised leader in smart metering (gas and water), leak detection, water loss and efficiency management and capture and reuse. By leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT), innovation and sustainable solutions, WaterGroup’s services and products help water suppliers, municipalities, hospitals, universities, large corporates, shopping centres and other large water users save water and money. With a specialist pool of expertise, proven design models and innovative engineering solutions, WaterGroup creates and delivers the best possible outcomes for its clients.

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