True North Solutions joins the Reekoh partner ecosystem delivering integrated digital solutions


December 07, 2021  |  By Staff Writer

North American industrial engineering systems integrator / solutions provider, True North Solutions has joined the Reekoh partner ecosystem to bring greater efficiency and expanded solutions to clients in the digital transformation space.


True North Solutions takes a vendor-independent and best-of-breed approach to bringing solutions to their clients, with service offerings in electrical, instrumentation, and controls (EI&C) engineering and design; automation, telecommunications, measurement, integrated commissioning and completion services, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and information technology (IT)/operational technology (OT) enterprise solutions.

With extensive coverage across a variety of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, water & wastewater, mining, utilities, power generation, manufacturing, food & beverage, and life sciences, True North Solutions has consistently confronted customer challenges around the best methods for integrating industrial (OT) and business (IT) data.

True North Solutions’ partnership with Reekoh brings additional resources and access to enterprise tools, accelerators and experience that enhances their existing OT / IT convergence solutions and help to drive continued business around Industry 4.0.

The U.S. team at True North Solutions, led by their President, Rick Dmytryshyn, and Vice President of Project Development, Andy Siegfried, were able to quickly qualify Reekoh as a partner who could assist with bridging the skills and technology gaps between OT and IT environments, bringing further innovation and efficiencies to their customers.


“True North Solutions has always been data-centric and, with the added integration features Reekoh provides, we can further streamline the integration of our clients’ data sources through their processes, operations, and into their business systems.”


Reekoh CEO and Founder Dale Rankine also saw immediate value in the partnership.

“During the second half of this year as we’ve been very focused on the US market, we’ve seen such a strong response to the way our products enable highly scalable, robust and powerful integration solutions without the upfront cost, complexity and risk that has been associated with these in the past,” said Rankine.

Mr. Rankine added, “We can see that partners like True North Solutions are leaders in their fields and are acutely aware that those fields are changing rapidly with greater adoption of cloud-based solutions and digital transformation programs. We’re excited that True North is helping us to scale into the North American market, and that we can play a role in unlocking greater value for them and their customers.”

Reekoh’s partner ecosystem in the U.S. has been rapidly expanding in the second half of 2021 fuelled by demand for data-driven solutions, leading to the expansion of Reekoh’s U.S.-based team. Further growth and investment from the North American and European markets, along with the necessary recruitment, is expected in 2022.


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About True North Solutions
Established in 2006, True North Solutions was born of a vision for a different kind of company, the kind of company we have always wanted to work for and work with – a company that makes us proud. Our core values are ever present and still our guiding light to True North Solutions’ business today – and for the future. True North Solutions continues to be an employee-centric, client-focused, and vendor-neutral company with headquarters in Calgary, Alberta and Denver, Colorado. We provide consulting to commissioning solutions in a variety of industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Water & Wastewater, Mining, Utilities, Power Generation, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Life Sciences and other. Our area of passion is also our specialty; Digital Transformation Consulting, OT, Automation, SCADA, Electrical Engineering, Advanced Analytics, Integrated Completions and Commissioning Services (ICCS), Instrumentation & Electrical Field Services (Construction and Maintenance), and Digital Infrastructure, (OT Cyber, Industrial Networking, Telecommunications) services and solutions. Please visit us at www.truenorthsolutions.com for more information.