Standalone MQTT Cloud Brokers Added to the Product Suite


December 18, 2020  |  By Dale Rankine

We’ve launched a new add-on module to the Accelerate Integration Platform – standalone MQTT Cloud Brokers.


From the very beginning, we’ve supported MQTT as a standard protocol for IoT/IIoT solutions. The protocol has become far more prevalent for industrial applications in recent years, and as such, we saw an opportunity to expand our MQTT offering.

As outlined in a recently published article, our various MQTT plugins provide a number of capabilities and support various implementations, depending on requirements around data ingestion or integration. However these plugins are always tied to an integration pipeline, and in a number of scenarios don’t provide the right user experience when it comes to implementing MQTT-based  data solutions.

We’re addressing this experience through the new MQTT Cloud Broker Module for Reekoh.


“MQTT has long provided a platform for device-to-cloud data integration. We have been seeing increased adoption by industrial customers wanting to accelerate their digital transformation and the new cloud broker offering will facilitate secure site-to-site data integration, or site-to-cloud for those whom are ready.

With Sparkplug B support, specific assets of interest can be carved off for conditional monitoring and work order management within our main integration platform. Outbound only based two-way communication is also supported without compromising the high availability and scalability of the solution.”

Aaron Watkins, Reekoh CTO


The new MQTT Cloud Broker Module is a separate platform module from the main Pipeline Studio and plugin toolkit, and allows user to provision a completely independent, hosted and managed enterprise MQTT Broker in a Reekoh environment. This provides a standalone broker that can be used independently for other applications, or as part of an integration pipeline if needed.


Highlighted Features


  • MQTT 3.1 and 3.1.1
  • Dynamic Topics
  • Sparkplug B
  • TCP
  • Coming soon: TLS, Secure/Web Sockets


  • Authentication
  • Device Authorisation links when using integration capabilities
  • Coming soon: TLS encryption, IP Address Range Whitelisting


  • Sustained loads up to 200,000 messages/second
  • Spike loads up to 650,000 messages/second
  • Automatic scalability and resiliency
  • Backpressure management

High Availability

  • Fault tolerant and resilient clusters
  • Zero downtime upgrades or configuration updates


  • Integrate data using our nearly 200 different plugins either as a source of data or a target
  • Logs integrate with your choice of operational management platform
  • Log everything or just the exceptions


Features of the MQTT Cloud Broker module will continually be added to in the coming months. If you’d like a demo of the add-on MQTT Cloud Broker Module, or would like to discuss how it can be used with an integration requirement, please contact our team.