A Smart City Data Fabric

Reekoh is the data layer for smart cities; the cohesive fabric that enables the open flow and integration of data across use-case, vendor and infrastructure.

The City as a Platform

IoT solution deployments in Smart Cities are often characterised by small and isolated projects with siloed data separated from business processes and applications.

The technology-aspects of smart cities are layered and complex, with decision makers who are looking at implementing solutions being faced with a fragmented landscape of devices, networks, security models and end-to-end applications all attempting to deliver valuable and effective outcomes for stakeholders.

A “Smart City as a Platform” takes advantage of common, foundational elements provided within city infrastructure and technology, and presents them in a way that allows for rapid enablement of integrated solutions and services.

Reekoh’s “Smart City Fabric” data platform is built to reduce complexity, increase interoperability and enable solutions from early stage trials through to production for smart city customers, vendors and solution providers. Taking an open, vendor-agnostic integration approach to connecting and orchestrating data workflows that underpin unique smart city projects means that a return on investment can be made across the full life cycle of solutions.

Reekoh’s Smart City Fabric

Given that the traditional vendor engagement model is being disrupted in smart cities due to the high-degree of specialist IoT solutions, managing the city data flow from device to system is a critical piece of the modern city architecture. Creating a Smart City Fabric which can be built upon by relevant vendors in key solution threads is important to maintain a focus on data insights rather than applications and technology.

Elements and vendors displayed here are a subset of the capabilities and supported vendors on the Reekoh Smart City Fabric. New integrations can be rapidly developed using the Reekoh Open Plugin Framework.