Reekoh’s Integration Solution

Learn about how Reekoh works with the various parts of the IoT solution value chain and our values to customers

Where Reekoh Fits in the IoT Ecosystem

The IoT ecosystem is a complex array of components with trusted vendors and solution providers in each key section. Reekoh provides a platform that integrates all of the various components, reducing complexity and adding value to IoT solution providers.

How Reekoh works with the Ecosystem


An IoT Platform built for System Integrators

End-to-end IoT platforms will only take your customers so far when they inevitably look at needing to integrate that device data with their existing systems. Reekoh’s IoT App Integration Platform is designed to provide that capability right from the start.

From POC to Production

Reekoh can play a central role in any IoT solution from POC stage and trials, through to full production and deployment. Reuse more of early stage development and reduce overall cost and complexity as the solution scales over time. Give your customer greater confidence in your solution architecture.

Bring your Customer’s Data Closer

Most end-to-end platforms will leave device data in their own system, or create a lot of extra work in order to extract and integrate it with the systems that matter most to your customer. Bring IoT data closer to your customers’ existing business systems and processes, and deliver greater value faster.

Align Your Stack

Because of Reekoh’s Plugin architecture, you’re able to use the plugins to the various tools and products that you’re already aligned with and comfortable with selling in your solutions. Augment and compliment larger cloud-vendor IoT solutions that still make life difficult for you when trying to integrate easily.


IoT solutions cover a wide range of use cases and verticals. Our platform and range of plugins gives integrators and developers access to one of the largest collections of supported tools, platforms and services for IoT solutions, no matter the target device or technology solution profile.
Customers & Partners

Key Product Features
  • Largest collection of enterprise SaaS integrations available for IoT solutions
  • Framework for developing custom, reusable integrations as your own IP
  • Reekoh is not customer facing – keep your brand and solution in front of your customer
  • Complete device management layer to make data ingestion simple

M2M Device Management Support

Reekoh’s Device Integration Plugins connect industry-leading M2M SIM management platforms such as Cisco Jasper to the IoT Integration Platform for easy synchronization of authenticated devices and services. Network customers who rely on the telco for the tools for managing their SIM inventory can continue to use these existing tools, but with the added benefit of their managed devices being automatically provisioned in their Reekoh platform instance ready for device data integration.

A Platform for Services or Product Revenue

For many telcos and network providers, there is a blend of business models around M2M/IoT, and Reekoh is able to fill a vital role in all scenarios. What’s important is that Reekoh’s integration model allows for the development of solutions around both proprietary or in-house technologies as well as those that are publicly available, meaning that customer revenue from multiple lines within the network can be maintained.

Empower your M2M/IoT Solutions Team

M2M/IoT sales teams can continue to push existing solutions and product lines, but now with a ready-to-go platform solution that can grow with a customer from POC to production. Reekoh can integrate with tools and platforms that not only address specific technical requirements, but also at the appropriate time within a project or product’s lifecycle. With Reekoh integrated at the device management layer, the platform becomes a flexible option for powering customer solution teams, or vertical solution product offerings, and can remain embedded at the front of the IoT device data workflow even when the system interfaces need to change.
Customers & Partners

Key Product Features
  • Integration with device management platforms for use with new/existing M2M customers
  • Develop custom plugins to other propritary systems such as Messaging or Billing
  • Enable M2M/IoT solution design and delivery teams with a truley flexible platform
  • Build vertical solutions with highly repeatable assets

Switch on Instant Integration Capability

Hardware vendors are focused on delivering quality engineering and building fantastic components, and generally not software. However, the conversation with customers will often lead to what happens to the data once it’s sent from the device. Hardware vendors can work with Reekoh knowing that their customers will have instant access to a platform that delivers real choice of best-of-breed components for their IoT solution, not just another dashboard.

Complete Device Data Control inside Reekoh Plugins

Device connect to Reekoh through Gateway or Stream Plugins. Whilst many IoT Platforms offer various levels of integration, Reekoh provides plugins for all the common connection protocols (HTTP, MQTT, TCP, UDP, CoAP and more) as well as via data stream subscription.

Expand Visibility in our Plugin Store

Reekoh’s Plugin Store represents a new sales channel for those with specific IoT devices in market. Opening up access to hardware options through visibility in the Plugin Store means reaching more customers, and with ready-made integrations that can get them up and running quickly.
Customers & Partners

Key Product Features
  • Gateway and Stream Plugins for device data ingestion
  • Device data pre-processing as part of custom plugins for specific hardware
  • Immediately offer your customers access to all the integrations in the Plugin Store.

Build integrations easily through Plugins

Our Plugin architecture is designed to provide a simple way of configuring and connecting complex SaaS and On-Prem systems together when it comes to managing data workflows from IoT devices. Providers of IoT solution components can bring their products directly into customer IoT solutions by making a Reekoh Plugin available. Whether it be data visualisation, analytics, AI, storage, messaging, event logging or other developer tools and services, being present in the Reekoh Plugin Store makes it simple to include your product in an IoT system deployment.

Connect with IoT-ready customers

Reaching new customers is critical to any business, and the Reekoh Plugin Store is one of the fastest-growing channels for reaching IoT-ready customers looking for various components to their desired solution. The Plugin Store is an ecosystem of components that can be brought together in a solution using the Reekoh platform, and visibility in the Store is a way to market products to new customers.
Customers & Partners

Key Product Features
  • Reekoh Open Plugin Framework
  • Range of SDK’s available for Plugin development (e.g. Node.js, Python)
  • Build repeatable templates and modules to increase speed and time to market.