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Critical information on our Cybersecurity Strategies and Policies

Security Statement

At Reekoh, we understand that security is a critical component in successfully meeting the needs of our customers and partners. It’s why we utilise the most advanced cybersecurity technology available to enforce the confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer data processed by our services.

When customers access Reekoh services, the security facilities baked into our system protects the information we collect and process. Our authentication mechanisms, network filtering, and data encryption ensure customer data is safe, secure, and available only to authorised users at Reekoh.

We continue to invest heavily in security technologies and processes, and are committed to continuous improvement to align with industry best practices and regulatory compliance controls as we expand our presence in new regions.

Reekoh is an ISO27001:2013 certified organisation.

Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of users within Reekoh Services is of the utmost importance to us. To demonstrate our commitment to user privacy, we have created a Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) that describes Reekoh’s information-gathering and dissemination practices. By using the Services, the customer has agreed to the collection and use of information under this Agreement.

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Corporate Security

Security tools run on all endpoints, as well as the network, and cloud environments where company data is stored and moving. Our data ecosystem has a different classification, and we protect each according to sensitivity throughout its lifecycle, aligning with our commitment to privacy.

To protect data from unauthorised viewing and alteration while at rest, in-motion, or in use, Reekoh employs security measures such as encryption and Role-Base Access Control (RBAC).

We also provide regular training for our team and have onboarding processes that ensure every employee understands our security requirements and protocols upon joining.

Application Security

Security is an integral part of our product development lifecycle (S-SDLC). Our development practice considers security as early as the design phase through our threat modelling sessions and is enhanced with Vulnerability Management (VM), Code Quality Analysis, and Application Security Testing.

Reekoh also regularly engages an external security service provider who is challenged to identify any potential security weaknesses from an external point of view by performing third-party web application security testing.

Endpoint Security

The various operating systems on our endpoint ecosystem bring significant complexity to implementing uniform protection for all assets. Nevertheless, Reekoh invests heavily in security software for our endpoints, providing proactive detection and prevention of malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks.

Reekoh strives to adapt the Zero-Trust model to control users’ access entitlements and endpoints to our critical resources. With conditional access, user devices must meet the minimum-security requirement before being granted access to our protected resources.

Reekoh strives to adapt the Zero-Trust model in controlling access entitlements of users and endpoints to our critical resources. With conditional access, user devices must meet the minimum-security requirement before being granted access to our protected resources.

Physical Security

Our product offerings are hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, a world-leading public cloud hosting service provider. Reekoh relies on Microsoft’s integration of robust security capabilities with its product and data centres to enforce physical and environmental security. These are evident with several industry standards and regulatory compliance such as ISO 270xx, SOC 1/2/3, FedRAMP, HITRUST, and more.

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