Road Asset Integration Framework™

Fully automated and integrated road asset condition monitoring and cataloguing solution.


Automating the maintenance of your largest council asset


Roads are one of the most expensive asset managed by council and local government.

In Australia alone, governments spend more than $7b maintaining and renewing the road estate every year. Automating road asset condition monitoring through intelligent data gathering and integration with ERP and Asset Management systems can deliver a massive cost saving and fast ROI by reducing manual labour, improving accuracy of reporting, improved resource efficiencies in scheduling and repairs, and increased customer satisfaction.

The Road Asset Integration Framework uses AI-powered vision analysis and ERP / Asset Management integration to fully automate intelligent road asset maintenance.

How does it work?


Deploy cameras to vehicles

Various dashcam options can be deployed with minimal installation overhead, ready with mobile connectivity included and is easily configured. The cameras can be mounted in any kind of vehice that will regualrly travel the road network you are wanting to maintain.

AI generates condition insights

AI solutions in cloud will process images from the cameras, identifying the relevant road deformities and street assets. Using your own classifications of asset condition, alerts are then generated from the system when something is detected that needs action.

Enrich and orchstrate alert data

Road asset condition alerts are ingested and can be enriched with additional context as needed, such as GIS, weather or asset registry data. Further data management such as transformation and mapping can also occur with data in-transit before it reaches the business.

Take action in business system of choice

All of the information from the asset alert and additional contextualisation is finally integrated into the business systems where actions such as work order creation are automated and actioned. This is fully customisable to the end customer needs, and can be fully extended into multiple systems.

Benefits of automated road assessment

  • Improved safety, removing the need for drivers to identify road defects.
  • Improved collection efficiency, requiring only a single driver without the need for a passenger to take notes of identified defects.
  • Improved maintenance frequency, removing the need for targeted inspections, allowing maintenance providers to fix more roads rather than identify issues.
  • Automated data pipeline, streaming the collected data straight into your asset maintenance system for simple work order generation.
  • Increase in data driven decision making. With more data available, budgets and other key decisions can be made based on large amounts of up-to-date data.
  • Ability to easily maintain a historical overview of your network.

Reekoh’s Road Asset Integration Framework™


Key Features


Easy Vison Capture

We work with solutions such as Retina Visions CloudEye dashcam – a low-touch-installation dashcam ready to start capturing vision from which immediate analysis can be generated. Other vision-capturing sources can be easily added to the solution (trucks, drones, etc).

Automated Analysis

The system can start to immediately analyse and classify road and footpath defects, potholes, cracking, line marking condition, guardrails, vegetation and litter, or cataloguing road asset inventory (e.g. street lights, various street signs).

Enterprise Integration

When events are detected from analysis that require action, that data can be enriched with further contextual information (e.g. weather, location) before integration to ERP and Asset Management systems to automate work order management and other business workflows.

Delivered As-a-Service

The solution can be offered as-a-Service including all hardware, setup, implementation and support. No CAPEX budget approval required to help with accelerating procurement, and can be delivered through trusted system integrators.

Trusted Implementation Partners


The Road Asset Integration Framework can be supplied and implemented by these trusted partners: