Reekoh’s industrial integration platform to accelerate and scale Autodesk Tandem digital twin deployment


September 27, 2022  |  By Staff Writer

Reekoh, a leading integration platform and toolkit for industrial digital transformation, announces Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADSK), will adopt their industrial data integration platform, delivering scalable enterprise OT/IT data integration to accelerate the deployment and scale of Autodesk Tandem™ digital twin customers.


Autodesk Tandem is a cloud-based digital twin technology platform. It enables projects to start digital and stay digital, transforming rich data into business intelligence. By harnessing BIM (Building Information Modelling) data throughout the process, AEC firms can create and handover a digital twin to building owners and operators. The easily accessible, contextual, and insightful data they receive makes for ready-to-go operations.

To expand its reach, Autodesk Tandem required low-touch, seamless data acquisition and integration capabilities that could be implemented within a customer’s physical and digital environments to provide a streamlined way to achieve scale.

Reekoh’s industrial data integration platform (iPaaS), combined with the Reekoh Outpost Edge deployment model and market-leading library of 240+ integration plugins, has provided a solution that unlocks the potential of data within the Autodesk ecosystem and customers’ business applications and IT systems.

In addition to out-of-the-box integration with some of Autodesk’s existing technology components and IoT infrastructure, Reekoh delivered a unique solution for low-touch BACnet (Building Automation and Control network protocol) device discovery, registration and integration with the Autodesk Tandem APIs and technology stack. This has demonstrated how Autodesk can leverage Reekoh to accelerate its ability to operationalize Autodesk Tandem without the significant overhead of bespoke system integration and software development.

“Digital twins require a significant amount of bespoke development today because of the complex nature of operational technology running both at the edge and in the cloud. Reekoh has positioned themselves as a leader in this space by simplifying data integration, which has the potential to enable much broader adoption of digital twins”,

said Bob Bray, Vice President and General Manager of Autodesk Tandem.

Reekoh CEO and Founder Dale Rankine added,

“It’s incredibly exciting to work with Autodesk as we aim to jointly realise this enormous market potential and value for customers. The rapid acceleration of digital transformation of the built environment is presenting challenges that have largely relied on bespoke solutions and high development cost to solve their technical requirements. Reekoh and Autodesk aim to bring together the right tools to reduce this burden, accelerate time-to-value, and truly productise the complex nature of integrating physical and digital environments.”

Reekoh is attending this week’s Autodesk University (AU) event in New Orleans, where Autodesk Tandem and Digital Twin will be a key focus. Customers there will be invited to pilot the integration of Reekoh and Autodesk Tandem in the near future.

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