Reekoh Product Demo Videos Now Available


April 08, 2020  |  By Staff Writer

We’re pleased to let you know that Reekoh product demo videos are now online!

One of the things we get asked for the most from our customers and partners are some easy-to-consume demo videos that can be watched in conjunction with the documentation we provide.

Recently our Technical Director and demo-wizard Aaron Watkins has started to produce short demo videos, starting with the core modules and features of the Reekoh Accelerate iPaaS.

So far we’ve released:

We’ll be adding to this Playlist over the coming weeks and months, diving deeper into some features and starting to deconstruct common integration use cases and how they’re enabled using the Reekoh tools. We’re also going to start taking a closer look at some of the popular integration plugins to products and ecosystems such as AVEVA, IBM, SAP, Microsoft and more. Stay tuned!