Reekoh partners with Fire Station 101 startups


May 16, 2016  |  By Dale Rankine

Reekoh is partnering with QLD innovation hub Fire Station 101 to provide access to its IoT App Integration Platform for resident startups.


In March of this year the new Ipswich innovation hub, Fire Station 101, opened its doors and launched itself fully into the QLD startup ecosystem. Occupying the decommissioned Limestone Street fire station, this space for digital entrepreneurs to collaborate, learn and develop has quickly established itself as an important part of the startup and business fabric of this fast-growing region.



To help foster innovation around the Internet of Things, Reekoh has partnered with Fire Station 101 to provide access to its IoT App Integration Platform to resident startups. This startup package includes free sandbox instances of Reekoh, discounts on production instances, and free technical support, available to any member startup of Fire Station 101.

Reekoh joins other Fire Station 101 technology partners such as Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco and Accenture.

“It’s important to provide the right ingredients to help spark innovation within hubs such as Fire Station 101, “said Dale Rankine, Reekoh CEO and Co-founder.

“We think making Reekoh available to teams who are prototyping and testing early ideas will help them to reach conclusions faster about their product, and let them them put something into their customers’ hands earlier to keep validating their solution.

Reekoh’s integration approach to IoT solution development allows them to take some complexity out of the equation, and build out solutions without having onerous development time and cost in the early stages.”

Reekoh is also co-sponsoring and presenting at a Fire Station 101 session this week, “Getting the Most From the Internet of Things (IoT)”, alongside Smarter Technology Solutions.

For more information on Fire Station 101, visit their website.