Reekoh Outpost™ Edge MQTT Broker

Smart and agile Edge MQTT capability


A ready-made, configurable MQTT Broker designed to deploy and operate on the Edge.

Reekoh Outpost is the distributed integration solution that powers your complete Edge to Enterprise data workflow experience. Asset-heavy and industrial customers need agile solutions to bridge their on-premise data to other business applications, and MQTT (including Sparkplug B) has become a defacto IIoT communication standard.

Reekoh’s pre-built Edge MQTT Broker is simple to configure and deploy, creating an immediate MQTT communication solution that can power simple data transfer or fully integrated enterprise applications.

Common Use Cases

  • Data aggregation across multiple physical sites
  • Reduce polling architecture in bandwidth-limited environments (enable pub/sub architecture)
  • Simple interaction with existing MQTT client infrastructure
Platform API


The Reekoh MQTT Edge Broker is a baseline container image with configurable options used to define attributes such as environment variables.

Deploy & Manage

Use common Edge management solutions from Microsoft, AVEVA and others to deploy configured container to your Edge Gateway.

Extend Data

Extend the use of data by combining with the Reekoh IIoT Integration Cloud, delivering comprehensive data management and integration workflows to your IT and cloud environments

Using with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge