Reekoh now Hypercat-enabled for Smart Cities and IoT


May 28, 2017  |  By Dale Rankine


With the release of a suite of new plugins to the Plugin Marketplace, Reekoh has become the first IoT Integration Platform to be Hypercat-enabled and ready to bring the standard to smart city and IoT customers out-of-the-box.


Hypercat is a standardised hypermedia catalogue format designed for exposing information about the Internet of Things assets over the web. With Hypercat, developers can write applications that will work across many servers, breaking down the walls between vertical silos and embracing interoperability as a key component for success. These applications have significant relevance to community or open IoT projects such as those being developed for Smart City use cases.

This view of interoperability from the Hypercat Alliance is aligned strongly with Reekoh’s IoT Integration Platform and core approach to enabling customers to build, manage and scale IoT solutions, so it was an easy decision to execute on Hypercat capability and bring this to market. By doing so, Reekoh has become one of the few platforms to natively adopt the standard.

By delivering the capability through its open framework for IoT integration “plugins”, Reekoh has dramatically accelerated the ability for customers to embrace the Hypercat standard and bring it immediately into IoT projects of any scale; POC, trial or production.

“Enabling Hypercat through our Plugins and Integration Platform means smart cities and open IoT device projects can adopt the standard from the very beginning, even while device manufacturers, networks and application developers are yet to provide support,” says Daniel Pratt, ANZ Sales Manager for Reekoh.

“We believe that interoperability and integration are key ingredients for successful IoT implementation, and that local governments in particular are embracing standards such as Hypercat for this reason. Reekoh now delivers the ability to adopt Hypercat for a wide range of use cases and implement it to perform critical tasks such as device catalogue synchronisation, device data ingestion and updates, and data conversion to the conform to the standard.”

With industry leaders such as KPMG advancing the adoption of the Hypercat standard, the delivery of this capability through the Reekoh platform will no doubt provide great benefit to customers, partners and the IoT ecosystem.

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