Reekoh launches US expansion with executive posting


June 23, 2021  |  By Staff Writer

Reekoh, the leader for integration of physical and digital assets, is embarking on their expansion to the US industrial market by relocating a key executive to drive existing business and set up a local presence.

Chief Commercial Officer Steve Terry will be based in Houston, Texas for an initial period of three months from mid-July. His key priorities will be to work with existing customers and partners, establish relationships with the broader industrial ecosystem, with a view to then staffing a local office to continue servicing the US market.

Houston was chosen as the ideal landing pad for Reekoh because of its concentration of industrial customers in key segments such as Oil & Gas and Manufacturing, and how it can serve as an entry point for the broader mid-west market. The region is already quite mature with its adoption of digital technologies and is familiar with the problems experienced when integrating fragmented data sources across existing OT ecosystems with a rapidly expanding footprint of enterprise IT and cloud solutions.

Reekoh’s integration platform and toolkit has resonated strongly in this market where there is an immediate need to break down data silos to drive effective outcomes such as operational efficiencies, AI-based predictive maintenance and advanced data visualisation and analysis.

This validation has also been evidenced through Reekoh’s signing of a global partnership and reseller agreement with AVEVA, one of the world’s largest industrial software vendors and distributors, in late 2020 and current engagement with several of AVEVA’s large ecosystem partners in the region.

Premier IoT/IIoT systems integrator, The Integration Group of the Americas, Inc. (TIGA) who are certified with multiple SCADA platforms, cloud integration and cybersecurity of operational systems, have moved quickly to bring Reekoh’s solution into their market.

TIGA’s VP of Growth and Strategic Initiatives, John Kratzert, says they are always looking for emerging technologies like Reekoh that can bring increased value and performance to their clients, and that they are looking forward to forging a relationship within the US.

“Bridging the chasm between IT and OT system data transfer enables our clients to make agile, accurate and timely business decisions based upon real time Operational data,” he said.

“Reekoh’s platform agnostic solution, bringing fragmented systems together and establishing the linkages between the  OT and existing business workflows, is critical for TIGA’s clients.  Individually, Reekoh and TIGA enhance a client’s speed, data integrity and  operational efficiency in the execution of their business.  When integrated as a complete enterprise system, the TIGA/Reekoh team exponentially expands the capabilities, of both IT and OT systems, providing the seamless transfer of critical decision-making information.”

Steve Terry, Reekoh CCO

Steve Terry

After joining Reekoh in January this year, Steve Terry believes that the time is right for the company’s presence to expand physically into the markets where the problem of integrating OT and IT environments is the greatest.

“This year we’ve seen the traditional, heavy industrial automation sectors like Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Logistics, Supply Chain, Mining and Utilities grow rapidly in their demand for greater digitalization through an Industry 4.0 framework”, said Terry.

“The US and EMEA markets in particular seem to not only understand the concepts around digital transformation and the significant benefits this brings to a business but are also hungry to implement solutions. My role coming into Reekoh was to accelerate the commercialisation of what the business had already built and delivered, and it’s been obvious that the next immediate step was to land ourselves in these growth markets.”

Reekoh CEO and Founder Dale Rankine added, “As the industrialised economies around the world bounce back strongly from COVID and the disruptions of 2020, we’ve seen massive growth in demand for our solutions that absolutely prove that global expansion is something we need to tackle as quickly as possible, and it’s hugely exciting for us that we’re able to leverage Steve’s experience to kick start this.”

Reekoh is already working with a number of customers in the US market, particularly where integration of IIoT, SCADA and other assets with large-scale existing ERP and asset management systems such as SAP and IBM are a critical part of the digital transformation program of these enterprises.

Commonly, it is the automation of the business processes and workflows within these enterprise systems that can be optimised with access to the right real-time and historical data that lives in other OT or industrial environments that Reekoh is helping to unlock. Traditionally these integrations have tended be custom-built using various methods, but enterprises now are turning to platforms like Reekoh to make this process more agile, maintainable, and scalable.

The US market is just the start for Reekoh’s global ambitions. With existing channel and partner relationships in UK, EMEA and Asia that are driving customer engagement, establishing further regional offices will quickly follow to support growth and demand.

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