Reekoh is now certified Sigfox Ready


November 25, 2016  |  By Dale Rankine

We’re pleased to announce that Reekoh and our IoT integration platform have now been officially certified as Sigfox Ready and is now listed on the Global Partner Portal



Sigfox certification is a process of training, technical verification and demonstrations of a company’s product and technical capabilities. This is driven by Sigfox HQ and is relevant for global certification, in all areas where Sigfox is being rolled out.

Reekoh has already had a number of Sigfox plugins available in the Plugin Store, and these were the basis of proving how we seamlessly integrate with the Sigfox cloud. They have also been the reason that a number of our partners, such as Kyocera in Singapore, have taken on Reekoh for their Sigfox-related projects.

We’re excited about being part of the fast-growing Sigfox ecosystem, and being able to take our platform and products to the global market through the channels adopting Sigfox devices and networks.

View our listing on the Sigfox Global Partner Portal.