Reekoh CEO confirmed as incoming Chair of IoTAA Interoperability Workstream


April 29, 2021  |  By Staff Writer

Reekoh CEO and Founder Dale Rankine has been confirmed as the incoming Chair for the IoTAA Interoperability Workstream, effective from today.


IoT Alliance Australia (IoTAA) is the peak industry body representing the Internet of Things (IoT) in Australia, with over 500 participating organisations and 1000 individual participants working across twelve workstreams. These workstreams bring together industry participants, stakeholders and interested individuals around key focus areas to help undertake projects and initiatives that encourage learning, policy development and understanding of relevant segments of the IoT ecosystem.

The key pillars of the ecosystem that the IoTAA sees as underpinning the industry are Data, Security and Interoperability.

The Interoperability Workstream has been gearing up for a mission and membership “reboot” after recently dropping “Platforms” from its title and becoming one of these key pillars for IoTAA activity. As part of this reboot, and off the back of the investment that outgoing inaugural Chair Geof Haydon had provided, Dale Rankine has been elevated from Deputy Chair to take on the role of Chair of the workstream.

“Obviously as the CEO and founder of a company that lives and breathes integration and interoperability, this is a space that I’m particularly passionate about”, says Rankine.

“I’m a strong advocate for Interoperability by Design in digital transformation, enabling organisations to accelerate implementation and scale, and to future-proof their business for change. This is a strategy and architecture, not a technology, led approach to success, and the IoTAA believes that it’s a central piece of the puzzle that needs the right level of visibility and influence in the industry. I’m very excited to be taking on this role with the Interoperability Workstream, and plan to quickly kick off a reboot of the group’s membership and activity to align with a lot of the other great work being done in the other workstreams.”

Learn more about the IoTAA here, or get in touch to find out how to become a member.