Reekoh a Certified Partner for The Things Network


September 26, 2017  |  By Dale Rankine

Reekoh’s new Plugin for LoRaWAN The Things Network enables customers of the LPWAN network with IoT integration straight out of the box.


We’re pleased to announce Reekoh’s partnership with The Things Network (TTN), enabling customers of the global LPWAN network with the largest collection of enterprise integrations for IoT.

By using the TTN Stream Plugin on a Reekoh Pipeline, users can ingest streaming data from their TTN cloud account, enrich the data using any available Service plugin, create logic and convert data, and then integrate device data with databases, enterprise software and more.

There are a growing number of customers using TTN’s LoRaWAN network, particularly in Australia where Reekoh partner Meshed is rolling out TTN Gateways for use within a variety of verticals and use cases.

We also think because of TTN’s growth globally, it makes a lot of sense for Reekoh customers to have this capability straight away, and to be able to integrate TTN LoRaWAN device data alongside any other devices on other networks.

Contact us today about a demo of Reekoh with TTN integration.

View Reekoh on The Things Network Marketplace.