Professional IoT Project Services

Reekoh provides professional services to assist customers with IoT project and solution design, platform implementation, development and ongoing maintenance

Providing IoT and Integration Expertise to your Project


Enabling your team with a fantastic platform and integration capability is just one part of delivering a successful IoT project or solution. Reekoh’s IoT Fabric™ is designed to bring together all of the fragmented IoT components your project will require, but sometimes you need help with the capability and delivery of services that this technically requires.

Reekoh’s team of solution architects and developers can step into your IoT project as part of your own team, providing the IoT-specific expertise, knoweldge and experience that can sometime be lacking within an organisation.



Before looking at a finished solution, understanding what the business outcomes are from IoT is a critical first step. Reekoh can help projects start on the right foot, prototyping solutions quickly using that help to quickly build your business case.

Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

Scoping and technical design of an IoT solution, bringing understanding and hands-on experience with releveant solution components such as devices, networks, security models and business applications. Help with vendor engagement and component selection.



Integration and development of a project through mutliple phases of complexity, starting with POC’s and moving to production-ready solutions. Following standard IT project delivery model to ensure a successful outcome.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Ongoing maintenance or continuous improvement to deployed solutions. Can work as an ongoing managed service delivery as your solution adoption grows and develops further.


“We have been using Reekoh’s services delivery capability to augment our own team and continually develop and improve our smart water metering and data solutions. Reekoh’s developers and architects have been able to guide us through to some critical outcomes about how best to bring our solutions to our customers, which has put us in a market-leading position with several new technologies that impact our industry such as NB-IoT and LwM2M. They break down major barriers to enable our customers to bring new technologies into their existing operations.”

Rian Sullings – WaterGroup Manager for IoT and Smart Metering