Platform Features


Your account manager

  • Provision and manage Reekoh Instances
  • View data consumption for each instance
  • Manage user access to your account and individual Instances
  • View and manage your billing account and payment details
  • Update your company details used when displaying any plugins that you have published under your account

Instance management console

  • Register devices to authenticate them agains the platform so data is accepted and passed to the platform
  • Browse and install plugins from the Plugin Store, based on the capabilities you require from your Instance
  • Design and configure data flow using Topologies and your installed Plugins
  • View basic exceptions and logs from the Instance

The Plugin Store

  • Browse and install Plugins from across the various categories –
  • Gateways, Streams, Services, Connectors, Storages, Channels
  • Exception Handlers, Loggers
  • Browse by Plugin Author
  • View ratings and reviews from other users, as well as an issue and plugin update history

Device Management

  • Register devices with unique identifiers for authentication Inject metadata into raw device data
  • Create device groups for easier bulk management
  • Send commands to devices on-demand. Commands are actions that can be performed by the device, for example updating firmware, deactivating, etc.


  • Ingest IoT data via Gateway and Stream plugins
  • Enrich data from external Services
  • Prepare and pass data to Storage and platform Connector plugins
  • Create multi-directional communication using Channel plugins
  • View events via Logger and Exception Handler plugins

Filters and Converters

  • Filters: Create rules-based checkpoints which will only allow data through that matches the required conditions. Can be used in conjunction with plugins on cloud tools such, as messaging or push notifications, to enable actions on those same rules.
  • Converters: Convert data structures and object naming in preparation for that data to be handed off to external cloud services and platforms.

Communications Network

  • Thing-to-App: Device data is ingested by Reekoh, pre-processed (enriched, filtered, converted) and then passed through to an application
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Communications Network

  • App-to-Thing: Commands are sent from an application through Reekoh to a connected device
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Communications Network

  • Thing-to-Thing: Messaging is enabled between devices to enable actions
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