Pipeline Studio™

Visual data workflow design interface for the Reekoh platform


Pipelines direct, enrich and integrate IoT data flowing through Reekoh


Introducing Pipeline Studio™ – the visual design tool for linking Reekoh Plugins together to form complex data workflows for your IoT solution. We developed Pipeline Studio to make it easier to see the relationships between Plugins, and to place and organise custom events along the data journey from ingestion, through enrichment and ono integration. Customisations such as data filtering and conditional output, data transformation and device command triggers, in combination with direct integration between systems via Plugins, help to create a highly configurable and intuitive IoT engine for your applications.


Drag'n'drop data workflow elements

Drag installed Plugins on to the design canvas. Visually design the flow of data from device to endpoint with connecting lines between plugins.

Complex Workflows

Design complex workflows with added filters, converters and triggers

Connect configured Plugins to special objects such as data Converters, conditional Filters and device command Triggers. Build complex workflows, actions and logic into your data workflow.

Save As Draft

Save Pipelines as a Draft for deployment later

Not ready to run your Pipeline? Save as Draft allows you to come back later when you’re ready to start testing (using Reekoh DeviceBot) or running live device data through the Pipeline.

Share Templates

Export Pipelines as a Template for sharing and backup

Pipeline designs can be saved as a Template for sharing across other Reekoh platform deployments, or for backing up Pipelines locally.