Reekoh Outpost™ IoT Edge

Making it easier to connect and integrate data from the edge to your enterprise applications.

Integrate securely and quickly with the physical edge

The Reekoh Outpost™ IoT Edge solution brings agility and flexibility to “distributed integration” – combining data from edge devices, secure networks, and the full range of enterprise business applications and cloud environments within an organisation. Link on-device data collection and transformation to Reekoh Accelerate™ iPaaS or other cloud endpoints, as well as on-prem integrations.

Reekoh Outpost™ Hardware Partners


Reekoh is partnering with leading global hardware vendors who will bring the Reekoh Outpost™ solution to their customers, enabling them to take advantage of the full suite of integration capabilities with native IoT Edge compatibility.

Distributed Integration

Collect industrial and IoT protocol data and process complex data transformations at the edge, accelerating the ability to work with the data in relevant enterprise business applications either in the cloud or also on-prem.

Automated Container Builder

Packaging tools to automatically test and build Docker containers that encapsulate the Reekoh Outpost™ IoT Edge application. Containers are warehoused and made available to you for distribution to your edge devices.

Broad Hardware Support

Reekoh Outpost™ IoT Edge applications are optimised for broad edge device vendor support where Linux operating systems and application environments are present. Reekoh is working with global partners to ensure compatibility with leading solutions in multiple regions and industries.