Reekoh Outpost™ Edge

The most flexible edge runtime environment for integrated data applications

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Connect and integrate data from the physical edge to your enterprise applications


Reekoh Outpost Edge is a highly flexible, distributed edge platform that distributes your integration solutions across hybrid network environments. Outpost Edge runs on edge hardware, on-prem networks and private clouds to provide the platform you need to meet data workload and security requirements.

A flexible solution, full of possibilities


IoT Edge Gateway

Capture telemetry from edge devices, transform and map data to target systems. Run edge analytics and send insights or actions to the cloud. Manage offline connectivity with “store and forward” capabilities.

Edge Web Server

Host apps to provide on-premise user experiences into solutions. Authenticate with on-premise systems (e.g. Azure AD, OAuth2). Interact directly with data pipelines and asset metadata.

Edge Translator

Translate between common protocols before passing data downstream. Create Identity Translation to make any asset native to solutions such as Azure IoT Hub regardless of protocol.

Asset Discovery

Query local BACnet routers to automatically discover and register devices, and begin consuming device data for use in Digital Twins, integrating BMS to cloud services and more.

Configure to meet network security policies


Outpost Edge can be configured and deployed to meet rigorous network architectures and security requirements.

Download our guide to how Outpost works with the common Purdue Model for network security.

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All plugins. All environments.

With Outpost Edge, you can work with any plugin from the Integration Library, meaning hundreds of pre-built integrations for different enterprise systems, protocols, networks, and data sources can be deployed to the cloud or the Edge. Design data integration pipelines to run fully on the Edge or a hybrid of edge and cloud environments.

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