New Pipeline Data Format and Plugin SDK2


March 09, 2020  |  By Ludwig Tirazona


We’re always seeking to make our platform and tools valuable for our users, and provide the features that continue to make the job of integration easier.


In pursuit of that, there are some new features that we’d like to make you aware of, particularly as they require some attention and action around updating of existing Reekoh workloads:

  1. a new pipeline data format (Pipelines v2.0), and
  2. a new plugin architecture (SDK v2.0)

Together, these two fundamental elements and enhancements will allow us to more easily deliver new data pipeline behaviors and new plugin features, increasing the speed that we can deliver innovation to our users. Some examples of these future capabilities that will be unlocked include Request-Response pipeline behavior, plugin metrics (using Prometheus), and an enhanced debugging mode.



Action required: Update existing Pipelines

As Pipelines v2.0 and SDK v2.0 are not compatible with their predecessors, users of the Reekoh platform will have to convert their existing pipelines to use SDK v2.0-based plugins and redeploy them.

We’ve written detailed instructions on how to convert pipelines, which you can find on our Support Centre – Conversion instructions

The deprecation period for pipelines that use the old data format and plugin architecture is from March 9, 2020 to June 9, 2020.

From the start of the deprecation period:

  • Deployed pipelines should be converted to Pipelines v2.0
  • SDK v1.0-based plugins will only receive critical bug fixes and security updates.
  • Any new plugins and their associated releases will be written in SDK v2.0.
  • Creating new pipelines will automatically deploy SDK v2.0-based plugins.

By the end of the deprecation period, any pipelines that are still v1.0-based will be unsupported.

As always, we’re here to provide any support that’s needed to help our customers and partners with a smooth transition, so if you require any further information, please contact your account / sales contact, or email [email protected].