New Face Verification Service Plugin


April 19, 2016  |  By Dale Rankine

Reekoh has a new plugin for Microsoft’s Project Oxford Face Verification service. 

The service can be used to determine if two faces belong to the same person. Image data from a new source can be passed, and matched against an existing record (for example, an ID photo in a CRM system) to return a result along with a confidence score.

The plugin is currently being used in office reception security solutions that grant office access after facial recognition and verification.

Service plugins such as Microsoft’s Face Verification are used by Reekoh customers to enrich device data with contextual information, or to enable certain actions based on the data that is passed from the IoT device landscape. This means that it’s not just raw data from sensors that is passed through to integrated platforms, but data that has additional pre-processed relevance to a particular application.