Enterprise MQTT Cloud Brokers

Standalone, highly available, scalabe hosted broker for IIoT solutions

MQTT Cloud Brokers

Provision your own high-volume MQTT Cloud Broker


From the very beginning, Reekoh has supported MQTT as a standard protocol for IoT/IIoT solutions. The protocol has now become far more prevalent for industrial applications, and a range of best practices need to be supported by the platforms and tools working with integrating MQTT data.

Reekoh aleady has various MQTT plugins provide a number of capabilities and support various implementations, depending on requirements around data ingestion or integration. However these plugins are always tied to an integration pipeline, so additional capabity is required to deliver the right experience when it comes to implementing MQTT-based data solutions.

Reekoh delivers this experience through MQTT Cloud Brokers, an add-on module for the Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform.

MQTT Support

MQTT Support

  • MQTT 3.1 and 3.1.1
  • Dynamic Topics
  • Sparkplug B
  • TCP
  • Coming soon: TLS, Secure/Web Sockets


  • Authentication
  • Device Authorisation links when using integration capabilities
  • Coming soon: TLS encryption, IP Address Range Whitelisting


  • Sustained loads up to 200,000 messages/second
  • Spike loads up to 650,000 messages/second
  • Automatic scalability and resiliency
  • Backpressure management
High Availability

High Availability

  • Fault tolerant and resilient clusters
  • Zero downtime upgrades or configuration updates

Integration & Logging

Integrate MQTT data using Reekoh’s marketplace of plugins, pre-built and ready to build integration pipelines supporting hundreds of OT/IT protocols, applications, IoT clouds and more. Integrate all platform logs, or just the exceptions, with your choice of operational management platform.

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