Enterprise MQTT Cloud & Edge Brokers

Standalone, highly available, scalabe hosted broker for IIoT solutions


Enterprise-ready MQTT for IIoT and more


From the very beginning, Reekoh has supported MQTT as a protocol for IoT/IIoT solutions. The protocol has now become a de-facto standard for many industrial applications, and best practices need to be supported by the platforms and tools working with integrating MQTT data.

Complimentary to the wide range of MQTT plugins provided through the Accelerate Integration Platform, Reekoh also provides standalone enterprise MQTT Cloud and Edge Brokers to power additional scale and capabilities.

MQTT Cloud Brokers

Key Features of Reekoh MQTT Cloud Brokers

MQTT Support

MQTT Support

  • MQTT 3.1 and 3.1.1
  • Dynamic Topics
  • Sparkplug B
  • TCP
  • Coming soon: TLS, Secure/Web Sockets


  • Authentication
  • Device Authorisation links when using integration capabilities
  • Coming soon: TLS encryption, IP Address Range Whitelisting


  • Sustained loads up to 1.1m messages/second
  • Automatic scalability and resiliency
  • Backpressure management
High Availability

High Availability

  • Fault tolerant and resilient clusters
  • Zero downtime upgrades or configuration updates

Extend and Integrate MQTT Data into the Enterprise

Extend data from your Brokers using Reekoh’s platform and marketing-leading library of pre-built plugin, and build integration pipelines supporting hundreds of OT/IT protocols, applications, IoT clouds and more.

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The Reekoh MQTT Edge Broker


Facilitate data aggregation across multiple physical sites. Reduce polling architecture in bandwidth-limited environments (enable pub/sub architecture) with simple interaction with existing MQTT client infrastructure.

Platform API


The Reekoh MQTT Edge Broker is a baseline container image with configurable options used to define attributes such as environment variables.

Deploy & Manage

Use common Edge management solutions from Microsoft, AVEVA and others to deploy configured container to your Edge Gateway.

Extend Data

Extend the use of data by combining with the Reekoh Industrial Integration Cloud, delivering comprehensive data management and integration workflows to your IT and cloud environments

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