Moreton Bay Regional Council underpins multiple Smart City initiatives with Reekoh’s agile integration capabilities


February 18, 2019  |  By Staff Writer

One of Australia’s largest, and most active local councils in the smart city area, Moreton Bay Regional Council, has deployed the Reekoh integration platform to begin underpinning a wide range of connected city and IoT solutions being tested and rolled out across the region.


After a period of evaluation with numerous technologies and vendors, the South East Queensland council chose Reekoh to provide a consistent, efficient and flexible data layer that could work with numerous IoT solutions and provide a mechanism through which data could be more easily integrated with existing council systems.

Moreton Bay has so far been working with solutions around smart parking, smart LED street lighting, road flood monitoring and environmental sensing. Data from these types of solutions has value beyond their original intent, and by using Reekoh, can become interoperable and useful for use in asset management, work order and field service management, as well as deep data analytics and visualisation.

Recently, Reekoh was able to start work on ingesting and managing data from pothole detection cameras mounted on council waste pickup trucks – a trial that will expand to a wider roll-out in the near future. It’s examples such as this, where new initiatives and projects can be rapidly trialled and deployed, that makes Reekoh such an important element to the Council’s technology stack.



“Council is using an ecosystem of Cloud services to establish its Smart City Data platform. We have found that some Smart Technologies require custom code to ingest, store and process their data. Including Reekoh in our ecosystem is allowing us to establish bespoke connectors where required without the headaches of maintaining our own custom code”.

Reekoh CEO and Co-Founder Dale Rankine said, “We were thrilled to begin working with the team at Moreton Bay. They have an exciting schedule of projects and ideas they want to explore and deploy. Regardless of the individual vendors, solutions or technologies they select for those projects, Reekoh is able to provide them with a common data platform to manage new and existing data sources and integrate them with their business and operational systems to unlock further value and returns on their investment.”

He added, “The Moreton Bay region is actually where I live, and I’m very excited to be able to be part of the innovation that is literally happening in my own backyard, and showcasing the exciting projects happening here to the rest of the world.”

Reekoh is being used in various other smart city and precinct initiatives in Australia and was part of several recent proposals that won federal government funding through the latest round of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program.