M.A.C. Solutions bringing Reekoh to UK, Irish and French Markets


December 02, 2021  |  By Staff Writer

M.A.C. Solutions are pleased to announce that we have partnered with industrial integration specialists Reekoh to bring their products to the UK, Irish and French markets.

The partnership will see M.A.C. Solutions sell and support Reekoh’s full integration suite of products to solve business challenges for customers using converged operational and business data. Implementation of these solutions will come through M.A.C. Solutions’ system integration partners, supported by Reekoh.

With rapid growth since it formed in 2015, Reekoh is committed to bringing solutions to the market that simplify the integration of data from every kind of physical asset to enable digital transformation for industrial businesses. This aligns well with M.A.C. Solutions mission to connect industrial data and securely present it for analysis at our customer’s fingertips.

Reekoh’s CEO and Founder Dale Rankine said, “The world is digitising rapidly. For businesses to thrive in this new age, it’s not about throwing away old ways of working for new. There needs to be a co-existence between the physical and digital worlds. The interoperability of data and systems is paramount to asset-heavy industries looking to transform and take advantage of the power of the cloud while still leveraging the decades of investment in existing systems. This is why Reekoh exists.”

For more information on Reekoh, contact M.A.C. Solutions.