Ipswich City integrates smart IoT projects with Reekoh


September 25, 2017  |  By Dale Rankine

Ipswich City Council using Reekoh to build an integration capability for their growing IoT and Smart City use cases


Reekoh today announced that their IoT Integration Platform has been licensed by Ipswich City Council, one of the leading implementers of smart city initiatives in Australia, for use within their IoT, Data Intelligence and Digital City initiatives.

Ipswich is one of Australia’s fastest growing cities, with its population of approximately 200,000 residents set to more than double in size in the next 15 years. Their award winning Smart City Program has been developed to bring innovation and connectivity to the community, looking beyond technology to all aspects of liveability and sustainability.

With the number of smart city pilots and initiatives growing quickly, the Ipswich team has been engaging with an increasing number of ICT and IoT vendors to assist with bringing their vision to life. This expected growth in vendor solutions, infrastructure technologies and data endpoints validated Council’s requirement for integration and interoperability.

Reekoh’s value as an IoT integration capability was quickly realised by Ipswich City Council, and an agreement was made for Reekoh to begin engagement through one of the proof-of-concept deployments being currently rolled out in within the city.

Reekoh CEO Dale Rankine said, “It’s always great to meet with customers who have started their journey on implementing real IoT solutions, and who are regarded as leaders in their space or industry vertical. Ipswich City is well known for its commitment to becoming Australia’s most liv

eable and prosperous Smart City, and we’re excited to be a part of their solution stack to make the implementation, and integration, of these projects easier.”

He added, “Reekoh is really a capability more than technology. Once we enable a customer with the capability to address the messy fragmentation that exists within IoT, they can move ahead with confidence to choose the best of breed solutions for each specific requirement. Smart cities are a perfect example of where fragmentation can become difficult to manage very quickly, and Reekoh is designed to solve this for the organisation on Day 1 and beyond.”



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