Introducing Reekoh Dashboard Studio™


October 17, 2017  |  By Dale Rankine

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Reekoh IoT integration platform and toolkit – Reekoh Dashboard Studio™.


When we started Reekoh, we began by solving one of the hardest problems first – integration. After all, there were (and still are) hundreds of “IoT platforms” on the market, all with their own storage, visualisation and analytics. We knew customers had bigger issues than just “seeing the data”, but as we worked with more and more customers on integrating their chosen best-of-breed IoT components, simple visualisation was always somewhere at the top of their wish list.

So after recently launching the latest version of our IoT integration platform, with its new modular architecture for building new features, we quickly turned our engineering team towards building a simple, fast and beautiful IoT data visualisation tool to be delivered to fit within our integration toolset.

The result is Dashboard Studio™.

Using the new native Data Set component within a Pipeline (Reekoh’s intelligent visual data workflow design tool), customers can now leverage secure, localised storage (deployed securely as Docker containers) to capture data at various points along their data workflow.

Then moving over into Dashboard Studio™, customers can create Dashboards with a variety of chart types that connect to those Data Sets, resulting in flexible, responsive and fast visualisations. From there, Dashboards can be shared just like any type of cloud document with other stakeholders, customers or users.

We’ll continue to invest in Dashboard Studio™ and further develop its capabilities and features, and are already fielding great comments, feedback and suggestions from customers on what they’d like to see next.

Please contact our sales team to arrange your demo of Dashboard Studio™ and the rest of the Reekoh IoT integration platform.