Intelligent site management solutions provider AccessTel gains market advantage from Reekoh’s integration speed and agility


August 14, 2018  |  By Dale Rankine

AccessTel creates new market opportunities by building its own plugin integration for the Reekoh platform.


Brisbane, Australia, 14 August 2018 – Australia’s leading site management solution provider, AccessTel, has launched into a new partnership with Reekoh to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Site Management (ISM) solutions to manage networks of critical infrastructure assets.

AccessTel chose to work with Reekoh in order to expand on its strong existing business in ISM solutions (including the Westell Technologies’ Optima Management System®) that provides comprehensive site monitoring, management, and control of critical infrastructure assets remotely from a user’s desktop or mobile device.

Using Reekoh’s Open Plugin Framework, and with only minimal technical training, AccessTel quickly developed its own Optima Gateway plugin for the Reekoh platform, allowing for ingestion of data from Optima and the synchronisation of measurements, alarms and inventory. The data can then be integrated into new business workflows using any of the 130+ plugins available to Reekoh users.

“As we evolve the capability of our Intelligent Site Management solution to support IoT, we needed a flexible platform that could easily integrate the Optima Management System® with a range of other systems. And we found it right here in Australia with Reekoh” said Danie Blom, Managing Director at AccessTel.

Reekoh CEO and Co-Founder Dale Rankine said, “Working with AccessTel has been fantastic and we’ve been excited to see how quickly they’ve been able to adopt our platform tools to take control of their integration requirements. With an Optima plugin already developed, the options now for us to collectively go to market with new services for their existing and new customers are wide-open and moving fast.”

He added, “This partnership has proven that our platform delivers complex capabilities in an agile way that can deliver fast outcomes. AccessTel is now able to move forward to grow their IoT business knowing that with Reekoh, anything is possible.”

“With Optima now integrated to Reekoh, we can quickly integrate higher level analytics and machine learning applications to deliver our customers deeper insight into the operations and performance of their networks” said Mr Blom.


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About AccessTel Pty Ltd

AccessTel is a leading provider of Intelligent Site Management (ISM) solutions with over 17 years of experience providing site management solutions for telecommunications, utilities and transport customers in Australia and South East Asia. AccessTel currently connect over 100,000 devices across 20,000 sites, processing more than 37 million measurements per day.

AccessTel is a partner of Westell Technologies and its representative in Australia and Asia Pacific.  Optima Management System is a registered trademark of Westell Technologies, Inc.

To learn more about AccessTel, visit www.accesstel.com.au

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