Data Operations for Oil & Gas, and Energy Asset Owners

Integrating data from across legacy field systems, business applications and the cloud for digital transformation


Operators of complex pipelines and renewable energy infrastructure are under increasing pressure to deliver greater operational efficiencies, reduce costs and adapt business operations to remain competitive. The pathway to digital transformation is complicated by the need to access relevant and timely data from a fragmented physical infrastructure and enterprise business layer.


Reekoh is the integration solution delivering edge-to-enterprise data connectivity and orchestration, and accelerating the adoption of transformative solutions for the Oil & Gas and Energy sector.

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Data Challenges for Energy Operators

  • Technology fragmentation across hardware in the field
  • Business intelligence data disconnected from operational data
  • Lack of supply chain insights
  • Skills shortage with digital and data proficiency
  • Sustainability reporting based on out-of-date information

Benefits of Reekoh in the Energy Sector

  • Integration of on-premise, local network assets and applications with cloud and APIs through a common platform
  • Data management for expanding real-time unified operations
  • Standardization of data acquisition, enrichment and normalization methodology
  • Agile integration with common critical business applications, data models, IIoT and more
  • Enables modular architecture, avoiding further vendor lock-in

Example solutions for Energy, Oil & Gas, powered by Reekoh

Data Consolidation

Business and operations are increasingly data-hungry as the number of Analytics and Digital Transformation projects increase. Many systems charge by connection or transaction, making this increase in data sources and volume costly and hard to manage. With Reekoh, data can be collected and contextualized from many different data sources and consolidated into one connection to target systems. Data can then be sent in real-time or batched to reduce costs on transaction based systems.

Multi-Tier Historian
Data Quality

Detecting and resolving data quality issues between tiered historians can be challenging and problematic.  Data flow and storage between tiers can suffer data quality issues due to service interruptions from either historian or outages in communications. When this occurs, gaps occur in the data such that the historians no longer contain the same data. Reekoh’s platform can detect these issues, notify users and automatically sync missing data.

Real-time ESG

Environmental reporting is critical for every energy company. Many ESG systems are cloud-based, while the data required by these systems are located in secured process control networks which are required to have no cloud\internet access. This separation of data from the ESG system has forced many companies to adopt a manual process for collecting ESG data. Reekoh solves this issue by providing a secure platform to move data from the process control environment to the cloud based ESG system without compromising security.

Scalable, robust and secure data integration is essential for realising the full potential of your disconnected data, driving efficiency and performance.


Agile, modular integrations

  • Industrial Protocols: SCADA, OPC, DNP3, MQTT/S, CSV
  • Industrial Applications: AVEVA System Platform, OSI PI, Cygnet
  • Business Applications: SAP, IFS Ultimo, IBM Maximo, Oracle
  • Cloud Solutions: Cloud-agnostic (Azure, AWS, GCP), Snowflake, Analytics
  • Open Services: Energy Market Pricing, GIS, Stock Market

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