Take Control of Mining Asset Data

Driving safer, more efficient and intelligent mining operations

How can Industrial IoT drive safer, more efficient, and cost-effective solutions to the mining sector?

The mining sector, like many industrial segments, is undergoing incredible digital transformation as global competition intensifies and technology becomes more readily accessible through the cloud. The ability to draw data from assets in the field using connected IoT and built-in vendor sensors has created an abundance of potential insights and opportunities for improved operational efficiencies and cost optimisation.

But, how do mine sites manage the endless sources of data available to the reliability, maintenance, production and planning engineers to allow their teams to make decisions based on that data?

This is what Reekoh specialises in.

Reekoh is an Industrial IoT Integration Platform that solves this problem by having the ability to ingest significant amounts of data from any number of sources, then manage and present that data to enterprise applications and environments such as Oracle or SAP EAM, ERP or CMMS, allowing decision makers in the business to make informed decisions across entire mine sites.

Asset downtime equals lost revenue

One of the most important areas where technology is influencing mining operations is that of preventing asset and operation downtime, and the challenge of increasing reliability. Predicting asset failure, or opportunities to update and reschedule planned maintenance, is a key outcome that today’s digital solutions can provide to mining operators. This has been a significant focus for some time, especially for those managing the day-to-day operational aspects of a mine site in real time.

Turning asset data into actionable decision making, and the ability to apply Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to predictive maintenance is a key requirement for reliability engineers responsible for the mines of today.

However, problems still exist at the infrastructure level, where the performance of predictive intelligence relies upon access to timely, accessible, and digestible data from a diverse range of machinery vendors, applications, systems, and networks that are commonly locked into provider platforms and potentially from across multiple sites.

It is the integration of this data from the many different sources that is integral to the overall success of a “smart” mine site.

When integration is performing poorly, or has not been architected or optimised to a mine sites operations, it prevents reliability engineering teams from achieving the best outcomes for their operations. This can be due to teams being required to access multiple systems without a consolidated overview of the entire operation, or because key information is not available in real-time.

Take control of your mining asset data with Reekoh

Reekoh solves the problems faced when trying to bring together disparate data sources from across your mining operations. From providing hundreds of pre-built integrations, to hybrid deployment models to bridge on-premise and cloud environments, Reekoh’s platform and tools puts you in control of your operational, business and asset data.

To get started though, Reekoh provides expert consulting services to help organisations uncover and document their current state and data challenges, and to design best-practice data strategies and architectures that give a strong foundation to build upon.