Built Environment & Digital Twins

Connecting data from physical and digital assets to enable new insights, actions and opportunities


Building portfolio owner-operators, AEC firms and infrastructure managers are embracing digital transformation at an accelerated rate. The promise of digital twins to deliver unprecedented insights out outcomes across the building lifecycle is now a reality. However, these solutions are only as powerful as the data they are able to work with.


Reekoh is the integration solution for any built environment, connecting data from traditional on-premise assets and systems, through to the latest cloud architectures and applications.

Challenges and Complexity of Digital Transformation

  • Skills shortage with digital and data proficiency
  • Technology fragmentation across hardware and software
  • Digital investments disconnected from business goals
  • Costly manual processes that are difficult to transform
  • Lengthy paper-based as-built handover process

Benefits of Reekoh in the Built Environment

  • Integration of on-premise, local network assets and applications with cloud and APIs through a common platform
  • Standardization of data acquisition and normalization methodology
  • Powerful data enrichment and modelling
  • Out-of-the-box orchestration into Digital Twin, and out to critical business applications
  • Enable digitization and rapid acceleration of as-built handover

“At Willow we’re seeking to provide a single source of truth to owners, and that means mapping the relationship between asset data, static data and live data. Reekoh is supporting this objective by connecting operational systems and IT systems, enabling us to collect and funnel data into our platform in a fast and seamless way.”

Ben Baker, Chief Product Officer, Willow

Out-of-the-Box Integrations

  • Industrial Protocols: BACnet, Modbus, MQTT/S
  • Industrial Applications: Access Control, Building Management, SCADA
  • Business Applications: SAP, IBM Maximo, IFS Ultimo, Servicenow
  • Cloud Solutions: Azure IoT Hub, Autodesk Tandem, WillowTwin
  • Open Services: Weather, Energy Market Pricing, GIS

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Accelerating the integration of the physical and digital worlds

Reekoh and Autodesk are aiming to provide customers with the ability to take full control of their OT and IT data, from the physical edge to the cloud, and are working with customers to demonstrate this new paradigm in data management and integration.

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