Integrated Industry Solutions

Solving OT and IT integration challenges across a wide range of industries

With the industrial sector in the midst of digital transformation, now more than ever is the increasing need for organisations to integrate their operational technology and information systems to generate actionable business insight. Reekoh helps companies across multiple industries move data between physical and digital assets in a simple and scalable way that ensures data integrity and operational transparency for rapid decision making.

Below are just a few examples of how different industries use Reekoh to improve their operations.

Integrated Oil & Gas Operations

The Oil and Gas industry is under incredible pressure to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and adapt its business operations to remain competitive. But to achieve this, you need to integrate the data from your physical infrastructure of sensors and networks to your enterprise business applications.

With Reekoh, you can:

  • Unify operations and improve operational efficiencies through remote visibility of combined on-site, business and industry data.
  • Generate whole-of-business efficiencies that impact revenue and costs.
  • Integrate data from all operational assets into a centralised system and apply AI-based predictive analytics to reduce downtime by identifying problems before they occur.
  • Automate optimised work order management for asset maintenance.
  • Decrease response time and improve safety standards for workers by making sensors, monitoring and emergency systems interoperable.
  • Integrate, process, and analyse data from different endpoints to develop useful insights to improve your supply chain management and procurement processes through your supply chain.
Industrial Integration Cloud

Integrated Utilities & Factories

Utilities and factories around the globe are undergoing significant digital transformation to bring legacy industrial systems and the data they have long been generating into enterprise information systems. But to achieve this, you need a fast and secure way to integrate this data for greater operational visibility.

With Reekoh, you can:

  • Unlock legacy data from industrial systems and silos for consumption by new analytics, storage, and operational technologies.
  • Integrate metering data from new LPWAN or cellular networks.
  • Enrich all data with relevant environmental and open data for additional context and insights, including external impacts on consumption or service.
  • Produce rapid data visualisation and insights around detailed consumption metrics, wholesale cost management, and more.
  • Manage new IoT assets in existing asset management systems.
  • Underpin digital transformation initiatives, powering new sources of internal and customer data requirements.
Data Integration for Water Utilities

“I used to think that integration with Supply Chain from the OT layer was complex, but not any more with Reekoh. I can now have both transactional and real time streaming data all in one platform without any heavy programming.”

GK Tay, General Manager, ISDN Software and Industry 4.0 Expert

Asset Management & Maintenance

Automating asset monitoring, management and maintenance through intelligent data gathering and integration with your Enterprise Resource Planning or Asset Management System can deliver massive cost savings for government and private businesses. But to do this, you need to connect your physical and digital assets in a scalable and straightforward way to improve reporting accuracy, reduce manual labour, increase efficiency and to schedule and repair.

With Reekoh, you can:

  • Easily bring new IoT devices and sensor deployments into existing asset management systems (like IBM Maximo).
  • Integrate device data from existing systems (like Honeywell EBI) with services for improved alert routing and optimisation, asset-event data analysis and more.
  • Integrate IoT data and assets for optimised maintenance, inspection, and vendor service-level agreement compliance.
  • Provide a vendor-agnostic data integration platform to work across legacy and new systems.
Road Asset Integration Framework Asset Management Solutions

Digital Twin and Smart Building Data

  • Ingest and aggregate data from various Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Utilise a range of security frameworks and methods for data ingestion
  • Bring BMS and other device/sensor network data into centralised storage for data analysis around security, risk, asset management and utilisation within your Digital Twin solutions
  • Build data-driven tenancy value propositions and yield optimisation across multiple sites and locations
Reekoh for Smart Buildings

Reekoh can be used in any industry that needs to securely integrate physical and digital data into enterprise systems for actionable business insight — wondering how Reekoh could work for you?

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