Integrated IoT Industry Solutions

Reekoh solves data and IoT integration challenges across a wide range of industries

Integrated Utilities & Factories

  • Unlock legacy data from industrial systems and silos for consumption by new analytics, storage and operational technologies
  • Integrate metering data from new LPWAN or cellular networks
  • Enrich all data with relevant environmental and open data for additional context and insights, including external impacts on consumption or service
  • Produce rapid data visualisation and insights around detailed consumption metrics, wholesale cost management, and more
  • Manage new IoT assets in existing asset management systems
  • Underpin digital transformation initiatives, powering new sources of internal and customer data requirements
IIoT Integration Cloud Reekoh and Water Utilities

Asset Management & Maintenance

  • Easily bring new IoT devices and sensor deployments into existing asset management systems (e.g. IBM Maximo)
  • Integrate device data from existing systems (e.g. Honeywell EBI) with services for improved alert routing and optimisation, asset-event data analysis and more
  • Integrate IoT data and assets for optimised maintenance, inspection and vendor SLA compliance
  • Provide a vendor-agnostic data integration platform to work across legacy and new systems
Asset Management Solutions

Connected Cities & Airports

  • Provide a common intelligent data platform that cities, precincts, airports and campuses can deploy to unblock and accelerate the adoption of multiple IoT and data-driven solutions and business outcomes
  • Integrate various IoT point solutions (lights, parking, metering, bins, etc) as well as independent sensors across various protocols and networks
  • Bring data into common data lakes for internal visualisation and analysis
  • Integrate data with existing work order management, asset management, field service and other enterprise business and operational systems
  • Ingest and publish data to/from open data portals and repositories
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Building Data Aggregation

  • Ingest and aggregate data from various Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Utilise a range of security frameworks and methods for data ingestion
  • Bring BMS and other device/sensor network data into centralised storage for data analysis around security, risk, asset management and utilisation
  • Build data-driven tenancy value propositions and yield optimisation across multiple sites and locations
Reekoh for Smart Buildings

… as well as Agriculture, Mining & Resources, Logistics, Transport and more …

anywhere that fragmented IoT and data sources require agile, secure integration to enterprise systems

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