Reekoh Presenting at Ipswich Innovation Hub


May 02, 2016  |  By Dale Rankine

Fire Station 101 IoT Event

Reekoh and STS discussing IoT at QLD innovation Hub


Reekoh, along with Smarter Technology Solutions, is sponsoring and presenting an information night at Fire Station 101, called “Getting the Most Out of IoT”.

In a first for Fire Station 101, the new innovation hub for Ipswich QLD, the event will bring the local startup and tech business community together to:

  • Understand global industry trends in IoT
  • Explore practical applications for both startups and established corporations
  • Play with hands-on examples of sensors, systems, and solutions that put theory into practice
  • Engage in a robust Q&A, and networking after the panel

The speakers on the night are:

Danielle Storey: Chief Innovation Officer at IoT Systems Integrator, Smarter Technology Solutions and IoT Brisbane founder/community manager. Discussing the opportunities, impact and role of IoT in Smart Cities, Healthcare and throughout specialised market industries.

Dale Rankine:Co-Founder and CEO of Reekoh, IoT App Integration Platform and Developer Ecosystem. Discussing the IoT platforms and solution development tools. Dale will also share insights from his experience in building an IoT-centric company from the ground up.


For more information, visit http://firestation101.com.au/event/getting-internet-things-iot/