Digital Reference Framework for the Water Sector Highlights Integration


March 29, 2021  |  By Staff Writer

The latest Digital Reference Framework for the Water Sector highlights the role of data enablement and integration for the digital water utility.

Water Services Association of Australia and the IoT Alliance Australia today introduced the Digital Reference Framework (DRF) for the Water Sector. The document breaks down the various layers and building blocks of what is typically part of end-to-end architectures and solutions, and provides context on the intention of what each layer provides.



Reekoh, an IoTAA Executive Council member, actually provides a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities across a number of these layers:

  • Layer 4) Connectivity Management: Business Rules
  • Layer 5) Data Analytics: Data Ingestion
  • Layer 6b) Enablement / Integration: ALL

Recent experience with our global partner AVEVA and IBM Maximo, and our Road Asset Integration Framework, has also demonstrated how our capabilities are an enabler to enterprise applications (Layer 6a) such as Work Order Management.

You can download the DRF for the Water Sector from the Resources section of the IoTAA website here.