Dashboard Studio™ – Rapid IoT Data Visualisation

Create fast, shareable dashboards for IoT time-series data to fast track your data analysis

Dashboard Studio™

Get a visual handle on your IoT and Open Data


One the first steps of just about any IoT project is to visualise the data in a meaningful way. Whether it be to inform business insights, drive stakeholder engagement, or simply as a development tool to prove technical success, seeing your data is a crucial part of your IoT solution.

Reekoh’s Dashboard Studio™ is designed to be the agile tool for that first step of visualisation. Create rich and interactive dashboards quickly right from within the Reekoh console, and then share those dashboards just like any other online document.

Data Sets

Built-in Data Sets

Use Reekoh’s native Data Saet object on your Pipeline to capture data at any point along the data workflow. Data Sets are secure, containerised databases that are also accessible via the Platform API.

Multiple Visualisations

Take advantage of a wide range of typical visualisation types, including Maps, Charts, Gauges, Queries and Tables. Comprehensive filtering, grouping and custimation options are available for each type.


Quickly drag, drop and resize your visualisation cells on a responsive web canvas, creating beatuiful dashboards across devices and screen resolutions.

Secure & Shareable

Share dashboards with external users just like any other online document, without the need for them to log into the Reekoh Console. Secure with passwords if required, or simply make the dashboard accessibe via URL.