Case Study: Integrated Smart Beaches

In a world-first application of cutting-edge technology and smart infrastructure, Smart Beaches will improve safety, provide real-time updates on conditions for Lifeguards and Beach-goers, and increase public amenity.


Participating councils and UTS selected a vast array of vendor solutions to perform specific tasks and creation of data, from which a series of analytical and business outcomes needed to be derived. Not all of the IoT and data solutions were selected at one time, and as each one was on-boarded, the variations in data acquisition and transformation needed to be managed in a way that didn’t create an overly burdensome workload or technical debt. The platform also needed to work seamlessly with the various other technical partners in the Smart Beaches consortium (e.g. LPWAN networks, data visualisation).


The consortium added Reekoh as a technology partner to provide a scalable, flexible, low-code integration platform, that in many cases was already pre-integrated with a number of the components. The platform and integration pipelines were managed by UTS developers, who were able to be up and running on Reekoh in just a matter of hours, and continued on-boarding new technology on their own. The platform now manages integrations to over a dozen source and target systems, including data transformation and logic.

Smart Beaches Architecture


  • Agile integration to vendor-specific IoT solutions and preferred cloud architecture to deliver Information Outputs – increased time to market
  • Rapid take-up by new developers to create a self-suffcient data acquisition and integration capability – reduced maintenance costs
  • High-value, low-cost solution compared to the full technology stack
  • Supported and managed product, delivered through services from partners or Reekoh’s professional services team