The Integration of Things

Deliver smarter integration capabilities for your IoT solutions and offerings, aligned with the stack and products you already know and sell.


An IoT Platform built for System Integrators

End-to-end IoT platforms will only take your customers so far when they inevitably look at needing to integrate that device data with their existing systems. Reekoh’s IoT App Integration Platform is designed to provide that capability right from the start.


POC to Production

Reekoh can play a central role in any IoT solution from POC stage and trials, through to full production and deployment. Reuse more of early stage development and reduce overall cost and complexity as the solution scales over time. Give your customer greater confidence in your solution architecture.

Bring data closer

Most end-to-end platforms will leave device data in their own system, or create a lot of extra work in order to extract and integrate it with the systems that matter most to your customer. Bring IoT data closer to your customers’ existing business systems and processes, and deliver greater value faster.

Align your stack

Because of Reekoh’s Plugin architecture, you’re able to use the plugins to the various tools and products that you’re already aligned with and comfortable with selling in your solutions. Augment and compliment larger cloud-vendor IoT solutions that still make life difficult for you when trying to integrate easily.


IoT solutions cover a wide range of use caes and verticals. Our platform and range of plugins gives integrators and developers access to one of the largest collections of supported tools, platforms and services for IoT solutions, no matter the target device or technology solution profile.

Some of our System Integrator Customers