Reekoh Bionic™ Automation Tools

Tools for making data matter faster and more automated

Automating common tasks to accelerate working with data.

The Reekoh Bionic™ suite of tools give you control over some of the more common, but time consuming tasks that can quickly create roadblocks to an IoT data or integration project. These tools remove unnecessary hurdles and empower fast, agile and automated solution delivery.

Reekoh Bionic™ Plugin Builder


Integration in Minutes

Complex Reekoh plugins can already be built in days, but using Plugin Builder you can build and deploy simple custom plugins and start using them in pipelines in less than 5 minutes. No more expensive development overheads when needing to create new plugins, and do it in project real-time.

Data Sets

Private Repository

All plugins built with Plugin Builder are warehoused in an account-level private repository, alongside the public repository of Reekoh-developed plugins. These can then be distributed across other Reekoh platform deployments and environments, or accessed for further offline enhancement.

Citizen Development

Plugin Builder is a low/no-code tool, simple enough for a wide range of skill levels to utilise and benefit from. Reekoh Bionic™ Automation Tools are designed for the citizen developer and integrator, adding agile and low-cost solution development to a customer’s toolkit for IoT and data integration.

Reekoh Bionic™ Device Simulator


Hardware-less IoT Development

As a data-centric integration platform, we can accelerate the adoption of IoT and physically-generated data through the Device Simulator. Build your pipelines and integrations at speed based on expected data to prove the business outcomes before talking to live physical assets.

Business Outcome Focused

Keep IoT or physical data-driven projects focused on business problems right fron the outset by ensuring the most useful and valuable data will deliver the desired outcomes. Simulated data speeds development and testing that can quickly build your business case for further investment in IoT hardware.

Web or Command Line

We like to help your developers and architects work the way they would prefer to work. We’re making the Reekoh Bionic™ Device Simulator available via a Command Line Interface as well as web-based application, available as part of the Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform.

Take the project time and cost out of common integration tasks and deliver more agile data-driven outcomes

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