Reekoh and AVEVA Resource Centre

Partnering to accelerate global industrial digital transformation

Enabling agile, repeatable OT/IT data integration for AVEVA customers and the partner ecosystem

Endorsed Technology PartnerReekoh is an award-winning agile integration platform that uniquely converges all aspects of the modern data landscape; Physical (OT/IoT/IIoT), Enterprise Application and Open Data (IT). Our tools empower enterprises across a wide range of market segments with capabilities to reduce complexity, remove barriers and accelerate time-to-value in their IIoT and data-driven solutions.

As a Certified Technology Partner with AVEVA, we accelerate the digital transformation of industrial customers through low-code, plug’n’play OT/IT integration between existing legacy assets and systems and the IT/business layer.

Why Reekoh?

  • Ingest data securely from on-prem or cloud OT/IoT systems and applications
  • Out-of-the-box support for OT/IT protocols, from authenticated device and application data sources
  • Powerful data transformation tools that operate in low-code/visual and deep-code user scenarios – common data modelling, data cleansing and complex business rules
  • Supported and managed product, delivered through services from partners or Reekoh’s professional services team
  • Hundreds of pre-built integration plugins that can be used with any subscription for data ingress, transformation and egress
  • iPaaS Subscription and Enterprise License options available. Cloud-vendor agnostic.

Some Common Use Cases

  • Ingest additional data sources of any kind into AVEVA Insight for visualisation and analysis
  • Integrate alerts from AVEVA Insight into systems such as AVEVA EAM, SAP, IBM Maximo, IFS Ultimo and other asset / work order management or field service applications
  • Bring business application data to operators through HMI/OMI Apps or Unified Operations Center
  • Integrate data + Asset Frameworks from OSIsoft PI with business applications, analytics and more to ensure data tagging consistency, tag data reusability and more
  • Connect AVEVA System Platform via MQTT to other business applications and data sources
  • … and more

Benefits for Customers

  • A flexible and extensible platform to deliver end-to-end (bi-directional) OT and vendor-agnostic IT integration for Edge and Cloud
  • Easy to use and deploy
  • Fast uptake by new developers to create a self-suffcient data acquisition and integration capability
  • High-value, low-cost solution compared to the full technology stack
  • Supported and managed product, delivered through services from partners or Reekoh’s professional services team
  • Reduced time-to-value through the use of pre-built integrations and solution templates related to common AVEVA portfolio products (e.g. OSIsoft PI, Insight, System Platform and EAM)
  • Available in multiple geographies for customer data-soverignty and privacy compliance

Demo Videos

Watch more Reekoh demos on YouTube