Australian IoT pioneers Reekoh embark on global growth with new major international partner Kyocera


November 18, 2016  |  By Dale Rankine

Brisbane, Australia, 18th November 2016 – Australian startup Reekoh today announced their latest partner signing to help take their integration platform for the Internet of Things to a global audience. IT giant Kyocera Communications Systems (Singapore) has signed an MOU to take Reekoh’s technology to customers in Singapore and the South East Asia region through their system integration and customer teams.

Reekoh is unlike common IoT platforms and is focused on delivering business enablement and enterprise integration capabilities specifically for connected IoT devices. These integrations are delivered to the market and customers through the Plugin Store, a marketplace for the IoT ecosystem. The store contains plugin options for most of the large vendors in the market such as Microsoft, AWS, Cisco, Sigfox and others, as well as targeted offerings from companies in the areas of analytics, machine learning, data visualisation and cloud storage.

Recently Reekoh achieved 100 plugins available through the marketplace, and is delivering more through partners who are adopting the open plugin framework and building their own integrations. By creating a marketplace and ecosystem for enterprise customers to build solutions around, and leveraging connectors into the cloud platforms and tools already being used by those customers, Reekoh is positioning itself strategically at the centre of the booming IoT opportunity.

Reekoh CEO and Co-Founder Dale Rankine said, “IoT is arguably one of the hottest areas of interest and growth in the technology sector, and will become a major driving force of change as we realise the benefits of having a highly connected and data-driven environment. Much of the IoT space is actually less about the ‘thing’ and more about the contextual decision making that can happen with data derived from a connected ecosystem, so this is where we see the most opportunity.”

“With Reekoh, we’ve taken a different path within the IoT Platform space to most other competitors,” Mr Rankine added.

Shigeo Oshima, Managing Director of Kyocera Communications Systems (Singapore) agrees that Reekoh’s approach will help them internally as well as in the IoT market.

“The endless possibilities offered by Reekoh via numerous plugins ensures compelling features for new and existing IoT initiatives for KCSG,” he said.

“The disruption in technology allows for very exciting projects to come. We believe a collaboration with a vibrant firm such as Reekoh will trigger innovative ideas in our business area and will add a lot of value to the entire IoT marketplace.”

Reekoh has secured a number of early charter customers and partners with further announcements coming this year, and has seen a demand and interest for their product from a wide range of industries and global regions. The immediate plans for Reekoh are focused on customer acquisition and traction before opening a potential investment round in early 2017.


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Reekoh is the Platform for the Business of Things™. By using Reekoh’s integration platform and Plugin marketplace, customers can integrate IoT device and sensor data to the largest library of enterprise gateways, cloud platforms, tools and services on the market.