Announcing Device Integration Plugins


July 04, 2016  |  By Dale Rankine

Reekoh is releasing a new category of plugin to it’s fast-growing Plugin Store marketplace – Device Integration Plugins


One of the main ingredients of Reekoh’s IoT App Integration Platform that sets it apart from other enterprise SaaS “connector” products is the IoT Device Layer. This is the component that registers and authenticates devices for secure connectivity and data ingestion to the platform.

We understand that users will have a wide variety of options available to them with regards to managing physical devices in the field, as well as variations in the size of device deployments. We also know that many tools and platforms that we integrate with also have a concept of a “device object” which influences the way that device data needs to be connected.

Today we’re releasing our new category of plugin called “Device Integration Plugins”. These are designed to work specifically with certain tools and platforms that require a deeper level of connection between physical devices, Reekoh and the various endpoint integrations being used from the Plugin Store.

We are launching with two plugins that demonstrate the different scenarios around integrated device management in Reekoh:


Cisco Jasper

Cisco JasperCisco Jasper is the industry-leading platform for managing large deployments of mobile network powered devices. It’s used by a large number of global mobile network providers and their M2M/IoT business units, giving their customers a powerful management tool for services such as provisioning and de-provisioning of SIMs, status and health checks, data monitoring and more. By using the Cisco Jasper Device Integration Plugin with Reekoh, users can:

  • Centralise all device management in Cisco Jasper
  • Create an authenticated Device in Reekoh whenever a SIM is provisioned in Cisco Jasper, using the ICCID as the Reekoh Device ID and the Serial/IMSI as the Device Name
  • Delete a Device in Reekoh when a SIM is de-provisioned in Cisco Jasper

This is a great example of Reekoh’s ability to work with existing device management platforms, streamlining processes and allowing customers to use best-of-breed components at all stages of their IoT solution.


Mnubo IoT Data Analytics

MnuboMnubo IoT Data Analytics is an open, easy-to-use cloud platform enabling object manufacturers to connect, collect, analyse and act on their object data to deliver strategic insights, actionable intelligence and richer apps. Mnubo’s object model includes the concept of a Device, with an API available to create and authenticate these devices. By using the Mnubo Device Integration Plugin, users can:

  • Master all Devices in Reekoh, and sync Device Objects with Mnubo prior to the sending of device data
  • Use the Mnubo Connector plugin in conjunction with device integration, in order to pass the device data seamlessly through to the Mnubo platform for analysis and rendering.

Device Integration Plugins are not purely for managing hardware; any platform that has a Device-orientated object model or feature-set can be leveraged using this new class of Plugin as a key element of an optimised IoT data workflow and solution.


We believe the plugin architecture and marketplace distribution platform Reekoh has developed is already proving it’s value and capability by the creation of this new Device Integration Plugin category. Being able to respond to market opportunities and partnerships through the rapid development and deployment of these integrations means Reekoh can form a stable, long-term and extensible foundation of IoT solutions from POC to production.