Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform

Reduce risk, cost and complexity of managing data from across your operations and business.

Agile and Future-proofed Enterprise Data Integration


The modern enterprise today is presented with unlimited opportunities when it comes to utilising technology to deliver better outcomes for customers, stakeholders and shareholders. The pathway to digital transformation is paved with a strong understanding of the desired business outcomes that lay the foundation for the execution of projects, solutions and programs of work. As with many transformative pursuits within the various parts of an organisation, it’s data that ultimately drives the insights and actions that create change.

Reekoh enables interoperability and the rapid utilisation of data from all your physical and digital assets.

Hybrid Integration from Edge to Enterprise

Successful enterprise integration needs to support hybrid deployment across a range of physical and cloud environments. Reekoh’s “edge to enteprise” architecture and platform components deliver the right logic and workloads to the right environment, linking up to meet requirements around security and performance.

Reekoh Outpost

Outpost Edge

Using Reekoh Outpost, customers can deploy full integration pipelines or components to compatible Edge devices using common Edge Management tools and partners such as Azure IoT Edge, AVEVA Edge and more. Run data collection and transformation with local disk / store and forward support. Orchestrate data to connect to a Reekoh platform pipeline, or directly to on-prem or cloud applications using Reekoh’s plugin library.

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Reekoh Cloud

Reekoh Cloud

Reekoh operates and manages the Accelerate iPaaS in highly available, secure and resilient data centers in multiple geographies to provide our multi-tenant platform to customers who don’t want to manage another technology on their own infrastructure, and only pay for what they need. Customers can get up and running very quickly, and take advantage of Reekoh’s large integration library out-of-the-box that comes with every platform subscription.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Reekoh can deploy the Accelerate platform as a single or multi-tenant enterprise license to customers wanting to run the technology in their own cloud environment – Azure, AWS, Google, Alibaba or any environment with an appropriate Kubernetes cluster and supporting requirements. Reekoh can also provide a managed service to deploy, monitor and support the platform on a customer’s environment to give the best of both worlds.

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Enterprise MQTT Support

MQTT is fast becoming a common protocol and/or transport component for industrial solutions. And while Reekoh provides a vast range of protocol support throughout its plugin library, the comprehensive range of MQTT capabilities and modules have been designed to solve existing and emerging industrial data management solutions.

MQTT Cloud & Edge Brokers
Platform API


Reekoh Accelerate’s platform and plugin architecture is designed around modular and reusable components. New plugins can be quickly built for specific systems or functionality using an open framework.



Built with security by design, Reekoh Accelerate’s security toolkit provides essential functionality such as device identity, secure device to cloud communications, encryption and a flexible Role Based Access Control.


Cloud or Local

Reekoh Accelerate is built and deployed using Kubernetes and containers, providing full platform portability, network security and massive scale. Run your platform in the Reekoh Cloud (PaaS) or deploy to your own infrastructure.

Low Code and Configure

Click & Configure

The Reekoh Accelerate platform allows users to start by focusing on configuration of components, rather than software engineering or app development. Dig deeper into code as needed for more complex data manipulation.

Agile integration of data from any physical or digital asset

Reekoh’s integration plugins are designed to not just for API’s, but also for OT/IT protocols and network scenarios, webservices and data enrichment – all brought together in a single data workflow.

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