Reekoh Accelerate™ Integration Platform

The agile integration platform for physical/IoT, application and open data

Agile, IoT-ready and Future-proofed Enterprise Data Integration


The modern enterprise today is presented with unlimited opportunities when it comes to utilising technology to deliver better outcomes for customers, stakeholders and shareholders. The pathway to digital transformation is paved with a strong understanding of the desired business outcomes that lay the foundation for the execution of projects, solutions and programs of work. As with many transformative pursuits within the various parts of an organisation, it’s data that ultimately drives the insights and actions that create change.

Reekoh Accelerate™ is an agile, modular integration platform that enables interoperability and the rapid utilisation of data from fragmented data source types; Physical (Industrial/IoT), Application and Open data.

Key Capabilities & Modules

Agile Integration Platform-as-a-Service

Open Plugin Framework

IoT and Internet Protocols

Device Management & Security

Data Ingestion & Management

Data Transformation & Enrichment

Orchestration & Application Integration

Containerised Deployment

Reekoh Modules
IoT Value Chain
Platform API


Reekoh Accelerate’s platform and plugin architecture is designed around modular and reusable components. New plugins can be quickly built for specific systems or functionality using an open framework.



Built with security by design, Reekoh Accelerate’s security toolkit provides essential functionality such as device identity, secure device to cloud communications, encryption and a flexible Role Based Access Control.


Cloud or Local

Reekoh Accelerate is built and deployed using Kubernetes and containers, providing full platform portability, network security and massive scale. Run your platform in the Reekoh Cloud (PaaS) or deploy to your own infrastructure.

Low Code and Configure

Click & Configure

The Reekoh Accelerate platform allows users to start by focusing on configuration of components, rather than software engineering or app development. Dig deeper into code as needed for more complex data manipulation.


Reekoh’s integration plugins are designed to not just for API’s, but also for IoT device protocol and network scenarios, webservices and data enrichment – all brought together in a single data workflow.

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