Integrating the Physical and Digital Worlds

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, you need to have greater transparency across your operations to increase efficiency and agility, and respond effectively to market changes, competitor innovations and customer demands. This can only happen by having access to the data you need to make informed decisions.

The industrial sector has many data sources in a complex landscape that includes operational technology, enterprise business applications, IoT sensors and open data. Since 2015, Reekoh has been committed to the ideal that physical and digital assets both need to be treated as first-class citizens within an organisation, and to bringing solutions to market that simplify the integration of data from every kind of physical asset to enable digital transformation for industrial businesses.

Our Vision: To be the global leader in the integration of data from every kind of asset in both the physical and digital worlds.

“The world is digitising rapidly. For businesses to thrive in this new age, it’s not about throwing away old ways of working for new. There needs to be a co-existence between the physical and digital worlds. The interoperability of data and systems is paramount to asset-heavy industries looking to transform and take advantage of the power of the cloud while still leveraging the decades of investment in existing systems. This is why Reekoh exists.”

Dale Rankine, CEO & Founder

Our Leadership Team

Our fast-growing and dynamic global team have experience and expertise across the full spectrum of technical product engineering and customer solution delivery and are dedicated to bridging the data gap between your operational technology and information systems.

Dale Rankine - CEO, Co-founder
CEO, Founder
Aaron Watkins - CTO
Chief Technology Officer

Reekoh is on a mission to enable the digital transformation of every major industry by simplifying the integration of physical and digital assets to ensure data integrity and operational transparency for rapid decision making.

WINNER 2018 Australian IoT Awards - Best IoT Platform / Product WINNER 2018 ACOMM Awards - Best IoT Startup FINALIST 2019 ARN Innovation Awards - Best Emerging Technology (IoT) WINNER 2018 CRN Impact Award - Emerging Innovator WINNER 2018 IoT Impact - IoT Enablement Award