We’re changing the way you work with IoT, data and API’s

Reekoh is an agile integration platform for the modern enterprise – built specifically to bring the Internet of Things, data and API’s together with your existing enterprise business systems and processes. Our platform empowers enterprises with tools for reducing complexity, removing barriers and accelerating time-to-value in their IoT and data driven solutions.

Reekoh is the Platform for the Business of Things™

A platform for all phases of digital transformation



Manage IoT device and business app data ingestion and orchestration. Collect and share data quickly and easily, separate from backend business systems.



Start analysing data, building data correlations and learning models, and integrating with existing backend systems and applications



Trigger actions based on data and learning patterns. Automate business process and workflows. Automate physical asset control.

These customers are already experiencing the benefits

AT&T (ANZ) WaterGroup Moreton Bay Regional Council
UTS AxisTech

Reekoh named by Gartner as a Cool Vendor for IoT,
and in the Market Guide for IoT Integration

Cool Vendor for IoT Market Guide

A seriously flexible platform

Reekoh is an IoT and data fabric, providing a secure and agile toolset for device and data management, business workflow and automation design – from POC to full-scale production. Reekoh utilises a container and micro-service architecture for extreme platform portability from edge, to public or private cloud to suit your deployment requirements.


Agile and open integrations

Plugins are not just “connectors” to other platforms. They are modular, repeatable integration assets that are used for connecting data from and to all aspects of the IoT value chain; device/chip, protocol, network, security, service and application. Using the Reekoh Open Plugin Framework, new integrations can be developed in rapid time, dramatically speeding time to market.

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Data and business workflows made simple

Reekoh’s Pipeline Studio is a visual flow design tool for creating data workflows that control how data moves from IoT device, through data-enrichment and transformation services, and on to connections with databases, messaging tools, applications and even other IoT platforms. Our two-way communication flow also bridges app-to-asset commands for phyiscal control and automation.

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