Integrating the physical and digital worlds

Reekoh is the Industrial Integration Cloud

With the industrial sector in the midst of rapid digital transformation, organisations are under increasing pressure to make the most of the data within a multitude of operational and business environments. There’s been a rush towards insights and analytics, but without the right data “plumbing”, solutions are not scaling or realizing their full potential or value.

Reekoh ensures you can provide access to the right data, in the right format, to the right people, at the right time.


Access data across a fragmented landscape

Securely manage the ingestion of OT, IoT, IIoT and application data across a complex and fragmented landscape of business systems, protocols, networks, and data formats.

Intelligently organise and transform data

Eliminate irrelevant information, include contextual data, manage metadata, perform transformation, and utilise data mapping to control data in a way you never have before.

Generate actionable business insight

Integrate data into enterprise systems to increase efficiency, improve procurement, automate workflows, reduce costs, minimise risk and make fast and informed decisions around your operations.

Accelerate data flow with a seriously flexible integration platform

Reekoh Accelerate™ is a powerful Hybrid Integration Platform (iPaaS) that allows fast integration between physical assets (IoT, IIoT, OT) and enterprise applications through a unique plugin architecture. Utilise visual drag and drop design tools and comprehensive data management modules to easily construct workflows to control how data is acquired, transformed, enriched, and integrated to drive your desired business outcomes.

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Reekoh Hybrid Integration Platform

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Integrate data quickly and securely with the physical edge

For many businesses in the industrial sector, it’s not feasible to base all operational data in the cloud. Security and safety risks, the need for business continuity and the sheer volume of irrelevant data produced from assets demands a different approach. Reekoh Outpost™ Edge powers your complete Edge to Enterprise data workflow, giving you the ability to bridge your on-premise data to your enterprise business applications.

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Hybrid Options

Access hundreds of open and agile integrations

Our extensive library of powerful pre-built integration plugins and ready-to-build integration pipelines enable rapid data collection, transformation and organisation across a wide range of operational technologies and information systems. As our plugins are modular and repeatable integration assets, not just connectors to other platforms and applications, you can rapidly develop new integrations by leveraging low-code elements of existing plugins using our open plugin framework.

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