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Reekoh is the leading IoT Data and API Management Platform.
We simplify complex data integration and data workflows from the Internet of Things to enteprise business systems and solutions.



IoT Integration Platform-as-a-Service

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Plugn’n’play modular integrations

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Visual data workflow design

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Gartner Cool Vendor for IoT

Reekoh named by Gartner as a 2017 Cool Vendor for IoT,
and in their 2017 Market Guide for IoT Integration

Cool Vendor for IoT Market Guide for IoT Integration


The Reekoh IoT Integration Platform-as-a-Service provides a secure and scalable toolset for device and data management. Multi-tenanted so you can provision individual tenants for customers under your account, and run the platform on your choice of Cloud or On-Prem infrastructure.

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API Interface or GUI

API-first design enables seamless integration and access to platform management features through client interfaces like the web console/GUI

Modular Architecture

Reekoh’s open framework for integration plugin development means reduced complexity at lightning speed


Reekoh’s cloud infrastructure scales horizontally as load grows so you can scale connected devices as you need

Infrastructure Options

We play nicely with Docker and Kubernetes, so Reekoh runs anywhere in the cloud or on-premise and across data centres


Plugins are not just “connectors” to other platforms. They are modular, repeatable integration assets that are used for connecting data from and to all aspects of the IoT value chain; device/chip, protocol, network, security, service and application. Plugins are open so developers and partners can develop their own.

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Plugin Marketplace

Open Framework

Build your own plugins using the open framework to integrate your proprietary components on modularise your IP

Multiple Categories

There are multiple categories of plugins covering all aspects of a solution; Gateways, Inventory Sync, Connectors, Services, Storage, Loggers, Exception Loggers, Streams and Channels

Plugin Marketplace

Market your integration capabilities to the IoT ecosystem through publishing in the Plugin Marketplace

Configure, not code

Start out integrating IoT data by just configuring your plugins without programming (though you can do that too if you need!)


Pipelines are data workflows that control how data flows from IoT device, thorugh data-enriching services, and on to connections with databases, messaging tools, applications and even other IoT platforms.

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Pipeline Studio


Drag installed Plugins on to the design canvas. Visually design the flow of data from device to endpoint with connecting lines between plugins

Share Templates

Pipeline designs can be saved as a Template for sharing across other Reekoh platform deployments or through the Marketplace for other users to consume

Smart Workflows

Connect configured Plugins to special objects such as data Converters, conditional Filters and device command Triggers

Save for Later

Not ready to run your Pipeline? Save as Draft allows you to come back later when you’re ready to start testing or running live